WNAMM12: Tuner Enhanced For Transposing Orchestral Instruments

Korg introduces AW-2+ clip-on transposing orchestral tuner      19/01/12
WNAMM12: Tuner Enhanced For Transposing Orchestral Instruments

Korg has announced the latest addition to its AW-2 Series of clip-on tuners, the AW-2+ Orchestral Clip-on Tuner. It joins the original AW-2, the AW-2G optimized for guitar & bass and the AW-2U for ukulele players. The new AW-2+ features a transpose feature that provides convenient tuning for players of transposing instruments. Korg say that, with an articulate mounting system for a solid fit on nearly any instrument, along with an adjustable display angle and a built-in backlight for visibility, the AW2+ delivers highly accurate, stress-free tuning in any situation.
Those orchestral instruments known as "transposing" instruments do not sound in the concert key. The unique Transpose feature of the AW-2+ allows players of these instruments to transpose the tuner response as well, for quick tuning of the instruments in their respective keys. The meter of the AW-2+ also includes markings to indicate pure major and minor thirds relative to a specified pitch.
The AW-2+ is equipped with backlit meter that provides three illumination modes: Off for brightly-lit locations, Soft mode for somewhat dim locations (helping conserve battery power), and Auto for bright illumination in locations of poor visibility. When using the AW-2+ in a vertical position or extending below the instrument, Korg's proprietary Meter Reverse can invert the display contents, so the meter information can always be viewed in the correct orientation.
The AW-2+ boasts a broad tuning range (A0 – C8). In addition to the internal mic, a vibration-sensing piezo pickup is built in, ensuring, say Korg, stable tuning even in a noisy environment. The AW-2+ comes with two clips (one large, one small) to accommodate any instrument.
With the backlight off, the battery life is an extended 150 hours. Additional features include an adjustable calibration to support various concert pitches, auto power off, and memory backup.
Pricing and Availability:
Pricing TBA. Available March 2012.
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