WNAMM12: Waldorf Pulse Analog Synthesizer To Make A Comeback

Waldorf announces the Pulse 2      24/01/12
WNAMM12: Waldorf Pulse Analog Synthesizer To Make A Comeback

Waldorf has announced the Pulse 2. A Waldorf PR person told us,
"Sometimes they do come back, and this time, it's with even more brute-strength power onboard. You are looking at a completely analog synthesizer that accurately delivers what synthesizer enthusiasts around the world truly crave. Pulse 2 is the reincarnation of it's legendary ancestor, the Waldorf Pulse, that dominated the electronic music of the 90s. Three analog oscillators in combination with a true analog cascading filter is what Pulse and Pulse 2 have in common. But we didn't stop there. The filter circuits now also offer Highpass and Bandpass modes. We added analog Filter FM and Ring Modulation along with paraphonic modes that allow up to eight voice chords. Like the Blofeld Synthesizer, the Pulse 2 is housed in a sturdy metal desktop case. Besides its large LCD display, 8 stainless steel knobs are available to surf through its clearly arrayed parameter matrix, set master volume and edit display accessible parameters."
  • Analog Monophonic Synthesizer
  • 3 analog oscillators + 1 noise generator
  • Pulse width modulation
  • Hard sync
  • Filter FM from Oscillator 3
  • Ring Modulation from Oscillator 3
  • XOR Osc Mode
  • 8/4 Voice Paraphonic modes
  • Cascade Filter
  • 24dB/12db Lowpass, 12db Highpass/Bandpass filter modes
  • Powerful Arpeggiator
  • 8-slot Modulation Matrix
  • USB
  • MIDI
  • External analog signal input
  • Stereo line out
  • Headphone out
  • Backwards compatible with classic Pulse
  • 128x64 character backlit LCD
  • 8 stainless steel knobs
  • 500 Sound Programs
  • Electron-absorbing black case
Pricing and Availability:
Available summer 2012 More information:

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Mattsynth    Said...

Great sounding synth, nice screen but I hate the interface. Give me more dedicated knobs without that stupid Wardorf grid.

24-Jan-12 07:41 AM

Derek    Said...

More dedicated knobs? Technically there are two additional knobs over the original Pulse. ;)

I just hope those knobs are more reliable than the Blofeld's: http://synth.stromeko.net/DIY.html#BlofeldEncoderFix

Also, Waldorf: no sound demos or videos? Boooo! It looks so good! Must... hear... now...

24-Jan-12 08:39 AM

eXode    Said...

I'm so hyped up about this. The original sounded great and this one seems to have an better matrix grid. Not to mention all the extra goodies as multimode filter, more slots in the mod matrix etc.

The original Pulse only had one mode button so you had to press through all the grids with one button, also it actually had potentiometers, nice but it made the values jump when you switched from one row to the other.

Pulse 2 seems to have atleast 1 button per row and also endless encoders? Potentially makes for a much better interface than the original imho.

24-Jan-12 08:47 AM

eXode    Said...

Also, I'm thinking/hoping that we'll see (hear) more of the Pulse 2 on this years musik messe!

24-Jan-12 08:48 AM

Benedict    Said...

2012 - year of analog!

24-Jan-12 09:45 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

I agree with eXode, this matrix looks easier to use when compared with the original one. 1 button per row makes all the difference as does (hopefully) the endless encoders (if true).

hmmm... that "darned" Arturia MiniBrute awakened my analog lust that was well locked up inside my brain for years -.-' ...guess I'll take a 2nd look at this one too (btw, it's official: my wallet hates WNAMM2012!!!)

Like Benedict mentions, I guess 2012 is "the year of the affordable analog mono synths for the masses" although the Mopho, the SEM rebirth and others, icluding the modular scene that refuses to die, are a big help :]

24-Jan-12 09:59 AM

DBM    Said...

So ( @ Nick ) can we get an e-mail going to Waldorf to find out what they mean by 8/4 voice paraphonic modes ? I am very curious what they mean here ? I mean it's a mono with three OSC's so even if that meant some form of polychaining those numbers don't add up ? Besides Waldorf might make a cool interview in general from the Wave to the pulse to biz going belly up to a decent looking come back ....

24-Jan-12 01:12 PM

Pedro    Said...

4/8 Paraphonic modes will be probably something similar to the Korg Poly-800. 4 fat (3 osc?) voices or 8 thin (1 or 2 osc) voices that share the same, monophonic envelopes, LFOs and filter. So for chords it works like polysynth, but has limitations for chords plus lead etc.

24-Jan-12 03:33 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I find my blofeld works great, and the interface is great compared to other similarly priced synths. You're unlikely to get a knob per function on any mono synth at this price and spec. The Mini Brute looks great but has one osc. The Mopho is amazing but still relies on some (reasonable) menu diving. The compromise works well on the Blofeld, and I think it will on the Pulse 2 as well. I will be getting one.

25-Jan-12 03:24 PM

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