WNAMM12: Samsons New USB Keyboards

Graphite and Carbon 49 keys      25/01/12

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A new product category for Samson with these two new USB Keyboard controllers. The Samson Graphite 49 has a great feeling keybed - semi weighted with aftertouch, with a decent number of controls on board. At $199 it looks like a bit of a bargain.

The Carbon 49 has a integrated iPad stand for the innevitable ingtegration of your iOS device. $89


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Koshdukai    Said...

wow, those look like some neat controllers for the price.

That big LCD display looks nice.

I wonder if it accepts CC feedback and/or SysEx sequences to send custom Text to it ? If yes, this would be an extremely good controller to use with Reason (after making a proper Remote Codec+Map for it)

man, I really need to stop lusting over controllers -.-' 8 should be enough by now (or start selling some on eBay).

25-Jan-12 07:11 AM

Koshdukai    Said...

still no manual to check the MIDI implementation and available SysEx sequences :(


25-Jan-12 07:19 AM

raphus    Said...

I've been trying to resist the urge to buy an iPad, investing rather in getting more out of the gear I already have. Then I read something like "the innevitable integration of your iOS device." Ouch. You all really know how to hurt someone.

25-Jan-12 11:15 AM

Jim Pinel    Said...

Is there a soniclab review planned for this contoller? The reviews online are one extreme to another. also like the novation impulse but am not sure it's worth the extra $100.

02-Aug-13 07:16 PM

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