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Sample-based synth available for download as well as boxed version      09/02/12

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Following on from our news item of 31st January, about the release of the Nitron synth, Tunebeast, its designer, has sent us this...
I would like inform you that my NITRON Samplebased synthesizer after more than five years on working, is finally released. The downloadable version is available on my Website and the Boxedversion is sold through bestservice in Germany.
Nitron is based on Native Instrument's award winning KONTAKT 5. The more than 1000 patches included in Nitron are high quality multi-samples from more than 50 synthesizers of older and newer generations – that is to say there is the whole range of classics, but also less known synthesizers of the last 30 years are present in this bold product. The focus of the library is on leads and bass – all of it as fat, dense and crunchy as possible! This product is well suited for techno, drum 'n' bass, dubstep, hip hop, bigbeat, trance and electro, as well as pop and ambient music.
Nitron cannot be compared with other sample libraries that are in fact preset machines, which allow little or no editing. Nitron is a real synthesizer that is based on samples. Owners of the full version of NI KONTAKT 5 with its ability to modulate sounds and layers can enjoy the full potential to produce an unlimited number of sounds that suit almost any musical genre. It is also possible to make a wide range of sound changes with the version of KONTAKT Player that comes with Nitron.
Features include among other things, a filter with two different low pass filters, a high- and optionally a band pass filter, phaser or vowel. The user can chose between poly, mono or the especially good sounding legato modes. A fat Unison and a saturator are also on board, of course all of which is in the excellent quality of Native Instrument's KONTAKT Player. Mode wheel assignments for all patches that make sense in Vibrato, additional High-pass filters, Filter patches or Tremolo complete the picture of this excellent synthesizer.
Most patches have effects like Chorus, Flanger, Convolution Reverb and Delay. This is available in the KONTAKT Player version when the FX button is turned on or off. In the full version of KONTAKT 5 the effects can also be edited or replaced with other effects you use.
Pricing and Availability:
Nitron will be available for a special price till march 2012 for 149 Euro / 199 USD / 125 British Pounds. More information:




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