Node - Synth Supergroup Back In The Studio

Flood, Ed Buller, Dave Bessell and Mel Wesson      21/02/12

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We were lucky enough to interview Flood last year at the Mute event at the Roundhouse London, his production work is like a roadmap of influential albums through the 90s. Together with producer Ed Buller (Suede, Pulp, The Crystal Method and numerous others) they were part of the group Node , an electronic project who’s last  and only release  Node,  was back in 1995.
Currently in the studio together with composer and professor of music Dave Bessell and respected filmscore composer Mel Wesson, they are working on new material. The new, as yet untitled album will be released this year and will be a two-stage process. They are running Pledge Music campaign where fans will be given the opportunity to be part of the creative process as well as having the chance to purchase exclusive merchandise and content and receive the album before anyone else.




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