Phase Correction Plug-In

Waves releases InPhase      21/02/12
Phase Correction Plug-In

We previewed it from the NAMM show and now Waves has officially released their InPhase plug-in, which they describe as the ultimate phase correction plugin for phase shift treatment, phase alignment and complex phase manipulation tasks. Here's what Waves has to say:
Let's face it: Shift happens. Phasing can occur throughout the production process:
  • In recording, when multiple signals are combined: Like individual drum mics and overheads; guitar amps and DIs; and sources recorded with more than one microphone.
  • In mixing, when phasing issues that weren't addressed during recording need to be corrected.
  • In mastering, when the final stereo mix has phasing problems.
To help you restore phase coherence, InPhase features high resolution dual waveform displays; phase shift filters with adjustable frequency and Q; and an intuitive correlation meter which shows you just how much your tracks are in--or out of phase. You can move your waveforms manually or using the delay control, and even align them in relation to a sidechain input. InPhase includes mono, stereo, and dedicated live components, plus InPhase LT, a simplified version that gives you easy access to creative phase manipulation.
Phasing can cause drops in volume and wreak havoc on your frequency response and stereo image; InPhase gives you the power to get your tracks back on track.
  • Dual waveform displays update in real time according to processing
  • Move waveforms manually along the timeline
  • Align tracks in relation to an external sidechain input
  • Pure delay control to compensate for timing differences
  • Phase shift curve window shows users the phase shift curve across the frequency line
  • Correlation meter shows how much tracks are in or out of phase
  • Mono and stereo components, and dedicated live components
  • InPhase LT with simplified controls also available
Pricing and Availability:
InPhase LT Native: $59 (MSRP $120)
InPhase LT TDM: $99 (MSRP $200)
InPhase Native: $99 (MSRP $200)
InPhase TDM: $149 (MSRP $300)
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