Multitimbral Groove Machine

HG Sounds announces the Vortex VSTi for Windows      07/03/12
Multitimbral Groove Machine

HG Sounds believes that Vortex is a 'break through' VSTi Multitimbral Sequencer, equally adept as performance player or studio composer. It contains dedicated synths for each of its 12 sequencers, or, if you prefer, you can output any sequencer's generated MIDI to your software or hardware instrument of choice ... all internal synths, all MIDI output to your synth or any combination of the two on a sequencer by sequencer basis.
HG Sounds says that it is a performance instrument with an emphasis on quick and easy music creation and is ideal for creating a dance/RnB/electronic foundation, although it can be used to make almost any style of music. They tell us that one of it's most fun and useful features is the series of real-time triggers which allow manipulating the sequences with effects such as Stutter (and programmable stutter), Restart, Half tempo, double step, note ties and mute amongst others. An octave of your keyboard is reserved for the triggers allowing easy sequence transformations. When sync mode is enabled, once all triggers are released the sequence will revert to it's former playing state.
Another feature is a series of global knobs for subtracting or adding to the internal synth parameters, amongst them Filter Cutoff, Resonance, Filter Decay, VCA (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release), Filter (Attack, Decay, Sustain), Noise Level, FM, Oscillator Mix, and LFO (Speed, Amount, Sustain). These knobs affect all synths simultaneously and so the entire output of Vortex becomes a single morphing and dynamic instrument capable, says HG Sounds, of epic journeys into the unknown. They say that all of these knobs have CCs so it's strongly advised to set them up on your controller to get the most out of Vortex. Vortex began as a MIDI application and so the internal sound module is designed to behave as an external MIDI device. The idea is that you simply dial up presets rather than being faced with actual sound editing, although up to 10 CCs can be overridden in a session to give some sound editing possibilities. Other features include a Multi-Sequencer which allows assigning multiple sequences to a single key, internal FX using the the TerraNova FX engine, a 16 channel midi mixer and 8 rows of assignable CC Knobs. Pricing and Availability:
$70.00 for a limited period ($140 after the official mid March release) More information:


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