4-Deck VJ/DJ Software For Mac

DJMixersoft releases DJ Mixer 3 Professional      15/03/12

4-Deck VJ/DJ Software For Mac

DJMixersoft, Inc. has announced DJ Mixer Professional for Mac 3.0.0, which they describe as the most powerful and 4-deck VJ/DJ software made exclusively for Mac. The new version encompasses over 50 new features and improvements.
A spokesperson told Sonic State, "DJ Mixer 3 Professional is suited to experienced and novice DJs alike. With many powerful features united and wrapped in an easy to use interface, you'll be mixing your music, video and applying effects on the fly within minutes. Simply add songs from iTunes or your hard drive and get started - improved DJ hardware controller support for those who want more!"
Here is DJMixersoft's summary of the most important improvements and new features:
  • 4 full-featured decks
  • skin support for 4 decks, tabs/panels and scripting
  • Added new user interface
  • scan/import files/folders in the background
  • 18 new controllers supported natively.
  • AutoCue
  • dry/wet mix for effects (replacing the on/off button) - you can now have
  • much nicer effects in and out of the mix
  • much better video including smoother playback
  • automatic key detection (perfect for harmonic mixing)
  • clicking on the BPM value brings up the BPM edit window
  • smart sync between the 4 decks
  • record your mix to MP3 format
  • scan VSTs/AUs on demand
  • HID controllers support
  • MIDI multiple devices
  • MIDI scripting
  • CPU meter
  • DirectX for Windows / OpenGL for the rest platforms by default
  • video high-quality settings on by default (can't be disabled)
  • instant loops -- RIGHT click press and hold on the loop 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, etc buttons for instant looping while you're pressing
  • clicking on time toggles elapsed/remain
  • 48000Hz (48KHz) ASIO + Mac playback - live resampling
  • new setting: Disable Automatic Cueing
  • Favourite folder option (nest directories)
  • auto-mixing also working in external mixer mode
  • loop points
  • hot cue points logic changed
  • prev/next beat/bar (skip function)
  • added new timecoded vinyl/CD types
  • improved absolute and relative mode for timecoded vinyl/CD
  • improved high-quality time-stretching and key shifting
  • Karaoke CDG+MP3 zip files playback
  • cue points + loops markers + mix in/out points on the whole-wave display (track position sliders)
  • sampler: data is automatically saved (file, pitch, volume, bpm, etc)
  • sampler: send current loop in a deck to a sampler bank (along with BPM and sync capability)
  • sampler: load samples with cue in/out set and keep only that part -
  • trim function (cut samples in a deck using the cue mix in/out points)
  • iTunes browser integration
  • added Audio/Video/Karaoke filters
  • added color markers to the list tracks
  • pitch reset when click/right click on value
  • press Play to continue playing after using CUE hot-starting (you can
  • safely release the CUE button and playback will continue)
  • speed improvements.
Pricing and Availability:
A fully-featured demo of DJ Mixer Pro 3 is available to download and compatible with any Mac running OS X 10.4 or higher, including OS X Lion. The full version retailing at $149.95. Users who have previously purchased DJ Mixer Professional version 2.x.x can upgrade for $49.95 USD. More information:



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