MESSE12: New Nord Electro

Clavia DMI AB introduces the Nord Electro 4D at Musikmesse      19/03/12
MESSE12: New Nord Electro

Well, the show doesn't start until Wednesday but here's our first Musikmesse story, fresh in from Clavia... In time for the 10th anniversary of the very first Electro, Clavia are introducing the new Nord Electro 4D SW 61. They tell us that the ultra lightweight (7kg) Electro 4D sports a 61-key Semi Weighted Waterfall key bed and the sturdy, great feeling drawbars found on the Nord C2D for full hands-on control, as well as support for both of their constantly expanding Sound Libraries.
Sound-wise Clavia say that the Nord Electro 4D has a number of improvements under the red hood:
  • The Organ section features a brand new tone wheel engine derived from the flagship Nord C2D organ.
  • The Click-modeling has been improved
  • There's a brand new Rotary Speaker simulation with an amazing new Drive.
  • The Nord Electro 4D supports Long Release suitable for legato playing and selectable String Resonance.
  • Handling programs is easy with 4 Program Banks and 4 Live Locations.
  • The Effect section now includes a flexible new Delay Effect with tap-tempo, rate, amount and a stereo Ping-Pong mode
  • The USB port doubles as an USB-MIDI interface.
Pricing and Availability:
Est. MAP 1699 EUR
Shipping: May 2012 More information:

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synthman    Said...

Just what we need another organ. And a red one at that.

19-Mar-12 01:17 PM

Joyous S.    Said...

That's exactly what we need. Thank you Nord!

19-Mar-12 01:22 PM

Soul Kiss    Said...

The real drawbars/sliders are a welcome improvement over the buttons they've been using for years - assuming they've come up with a sturdy design. The light weight is desirable for carrying to gigs, but has never really been great for playing - the keyboard runs away from you if you haven't a way to make it stay in place. Waterfall keys are nice for organ playing, feels wrong for Rhodes and Wurly.

19-Mar-12 03:08 PM

JJ    Said...

Wake me up when there's a new Nord Modular.

20-Mar-12 04:28 AM

Hidden Driveways    Said...

Is this a replacement for the Electro 3, or an additional model?

20-Mar-12 09:07 AM

JO    Said...

I am so extremely tired of the red design. Please, Clavia- it's about time you make these available in other paints. I get the "red means Clavia branding" thing, but now the design keeps me from updating to a new one.

20-Mar-12 11:07 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I'm with Joyous on this one. Finally, real drawbars!! I may trade in my Stage Compact for this.

20-Mar-12 02:52 PM

Peter K.    Said...

...but yeah, a new Modular would be amazing!!

20-Mar-12 02:56 PM

Benedict J.    Said...

I was SOOO sure Clavia were going to announce a Wave 2 :(

I read that the "Electro" range alone constitutes 90% of all Nord sales, so it makes sense that they're expanding the range with the physical drawbars and mock-hammer action (not to be confused with the real hammer action on the Stage or Piano).

I would have preferred to see a Wave 2, but as Clavia are proudly advertising their THREE M.I.P.A. awards (for the NordDrum, Piano 2 and C4D Organ) - so what do I know, eh?

20-Mar-12 11:32 PM

C. parker    Said...

"The Click-modeling has been improved "

You know that's what really kept me from an electro - bad, sad clicks man. You got to have your clicks together.

21-Mar-12 06:01 AM

Organlover    Said...

That looks like sliders to me, not drawbars ... Not quite the same thing!

21-Mar-12 08:29 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I tried an Electro 4 at a product demonstration for music store staff - I had inadvertently walked in the middle of it. I can say 100% that the Nord's drawbars feel amazing. I'm an organ freak, and own the real deal. They felt like drawbars, not sliders. You'll love them!

29-Jun-12 07:21 PM

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