MESSE12: SPL: MasterBay S and Analog Elemental Series

Elemental, Dear Watson      27/03/12

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High-end soundware producers SPL were on home ground at MusikMesse, and were showing a slew of new products; their gear always looks very tasty indeed, so we asked the inimitable 'BJ' for a run-through (and a quick Darth Vader impression).

First up was the MasterBay S - designed to allow accurate comparison of up to 4 stereo signal processors or signal paths. They say:-

  • Four switchable inserts
  • Parallel Mix function
  • Automatic A/B comparison with freely selectable intervals
  • Loudness compensation
  • Trim potentiometers for all input and output levels
  • Big level knob for dynamic fading
  • Always reduces signal conversion to the minimum
  • All audio signals are controlled directly by reliable relay switches and potentiometers - no sound-compromising DACs or VCAs.

We say... not something you might immediately think of as top of your studio 'need-list', but when you get your head round its potential, you might find it gets on to your 'want one of those' list ;-]
The auto-compare switching is a genius idea!


Next up was a plug-in pack of 2 flavours of SPLs De-Essers; Classic and Dual Band
SPL uses phase-cancellation as the de-essing method, which should result in less 'compressed' sounding treatments.


And last up was thirteen(!) varieties of the same product type - the Analog Elemental Series.
SPL have taken modules from their well-regarded Rack Pack series and combined 2 in a 1U rack in complimentary pairs. Each can work individually or be linked.





Andy McCreeth



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