Eventide Plug-In Sale

All Eventide HD/TDM plug-ins and upgrades are on sale until May 31, 2012      16/04/12

Eventide Plug-In Sale

Eventide has announced a special discount program for entire catalog of HD/TDM plug-ins for Pro Tools from now through May 31, 2012. Here's the details directly from Eventide...
TDM Plug-ins for Pro Tools
  • Reverb 2016 bundle is now $399 (regularly $699)
  • SST-282 Space Station is only $299 (regularly $499)
  • Anthology II bundle is now available for $717 (regularly $1195)
Anthology II bundle Upgrades
  • Anthology owners may upgrade to Anthology II for only $179 (regularly $299)
  • Owners of three or more Eventide plug-ins, or Clockworks Legacy™ owners may upgrade to Anthology II for only $299 (regularly $499)
  • Owners of two or more Eventide plug-ins may upgrade to Anthology II for only $389 (regularly $649)
  • Owners of any Eventide plug-in may upgrade to Anthology II for only $479 (regularly $799)
  • Upgraded plug-ins will be surrendered and MassivePack plug-ins are accepted.
The Reverb 2016 bundle includes the three algorithms originally included in the SP2016, the first multi-effect processor ever, introduced by Eventide in 1982. Included are the Stereo Room, Room Reverb, and High Density Plate. Widely used on hit records for the last three decades, this plug-in suite offers a distinctive palette of reverberant spaces that add that special sparkle to your tracks. New presets by John Agnello (The Hold Steady, Patty Smith, Dinosaur Jr.), Joe Chiccarelli (U2, Elton John, White Stripes), Stewart Lerman (The Roches, Antony and the Johnsons, Crash Test Dummies), and George Massenburg (James Taylor, Billy Joel, Dixie Chicks) have been added.
The Space Station SST-282 plug-in, developed in cooperation with the SST-282's designer, Chris Moore, is a faithful recreation of the Ursa Major Space Station, a three rack-space multi-tap delay-based reverb box introduced in 1981. Utilizing a unique approach, the Space Station plug-in features two independent groups of delay taps which can be controlled independently to achieve a wide variety of reverberant early reflections, late reflections, and multi-tap delays.
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