Dual Brains Wanted

Native Instruments launches major recruiting campaign and new online career center      25/04/12
Dual Brains Wanted

Native Instruments has just launched a major recruiting initiative that comprises both a comprehensive advertising campaign and a highly functional new online careers section. The goal of this initiative is to find the very best candidates for the numerous open positions available at the company's Berlin and Los Angeles offices, covering various departments and disciplines.
Native Instruments' CEO Daniel Haver, told Sonic State, "It's the unique people at NI that shape our products and define what this company is all about. This is why we treat recruiting with the very same dedication that we already put into our products".
The new NI recruiting campaign uses the slogan 'Dual Brains. Wanted.' to convey the dual nature of Native Instruments' business. It refers to the necessity of both logical and creative skills across all positions – a key factor that enables the company to create and market their highly innovative, integrated digital music products efficiently. "Native Instruments is not only a company, but a mindset, in which creative passion and enthusiasm for music and technology meets with highly professional skills and attitudes", said Daniel Haver. Spearheaded by a manifesto video representing the work and design ethic of the company, the campaign also features worldwide print and online advertisements. It was created in cooperation with the leading creative agency M&C Saatchi.
Complementing the campaign, a sophisticated new 'Career Center' section on the NI website allows users to easily find the most relevant job opportunities. After three years of continuous major growth and now counting over 300 employees of more than 25 nationalities, Native Instruments is continually looking for talented individuals in various disciplines. There are currently over 30 open positions, with particular focus on product design, software and hardware development, and project management. More information:


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Cynic    Said...

Its a a little surprising that they went for such a cheesy corporate mission statement. Aiming for another stock market flotation?

25-Apr-12 05:40 AM

Cynic    Said...

Its a a little surprising that they went for such a cheesy corporate mission statement. Aiming for another stock market flotation?

25-Apr-12 05:41 AM


I don't have dual brains but I have one big brain...

25-Apr-12 10:26 AM

Dr. Feelgood    Said...

That NI graphic is funny because it's such a great metaphor for their products: overwrought, clunky, hard to look at, hard to use.

I do hope NI finds some talented individuals that could help them build good products, because I haven't seen one come from them yet.

26-Apr-12 09:40 AM

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