Sonic Touch Ep 11 - MIDI Designer Pro

Orphion and Grain Science      08/05/12

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Gaz Williams -
Nick Batt - editor

Welcome to another episode of sonic TOUCH - the show dedicated to music creation on the touchscreen device.

Gaz Williams is in for a flying visit for this show, he's just back from Paris where he is working on a major Rock opera production. Still he’s managed to get some quality time with the iPad working on this project. We hear about the apps that have really helped him out.

As ever, we look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Sonic Touch Gold Award

MIDI Designer Pro GOLD AwardOur first ever Sonic Touch Gold Award goes to

Confusionists LLC for MIDI Designer Pro

An oustanding app.






Featured Apps:
MIDI Designer Pro £13.49  (Confusionists LLC)
Grain Science £5.99 (Wooji Juice)
Orphion £2.99 (by Bastus Trump)


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Wildman    Said...

Great show guys. Really like the midi designer...will check that out. Can Gaz cover what baguette finder app he is using in a future episode? . A man after my own heart. LOL. Great stuff.

08-May-12 07:25 AM

Dan    Said...

Great series guys.

As someone who has bought tons of cool iPad music apps, and also uses DAWs etc the big thing to me is, how can one incorporate the app into one’s music workflow which still predominantly is likely to be based around a PC/Mac DAW ?

So could you perhaps do a show where you go back over all the iPad apps you guys have purchased and point out just a subselection of these which actually get real, regular “in anger” use in production.

For example the Moog app Animoog is brilliant, but really one wants to be able to use the sounds inside a DAW, but of course theres no VST/AU equivalent.


and keep it up.

09-May-12 07:54 PM


Nice episode. an idea further shows. Have you tested any "remote desktop control" apps? Something like VNC or RDP. It might be usefull to control directly a Vst(i) plugin without having to go thru all the mapping. Juts touch a control on the Gui inside your DAW and edit. I'm not sure it works this way but just a hint that not all usefull apps should stand in the "music" category. Keep it going.

24-May-12 02:23 AM

Gowrishankar    Said...

I am a huge fan of the sonic touch series and you guys are doing a wonderful job in explaining the potential of iOS based making. However, it will be nice if you can dedicate a part of one of the episodes in talking about all the different iOS midi usb interfaces that are out there. It would be great if you guys can explain to a layman like me, as to how you can get all the wonderful apps like animoog to work as plugins in DAWs like Logic and Live.

02-Jun-12 05:44 PM

Mcal27    Said...

Lol good one! Ios apps as plugins...

08-Jun-12 01:31 PM

Ben    Said...


werkbench, a new app to test? I saw a cool video using it in combination with korg monotron:

19-Jun-12 05:28 AM

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