Google Makes A Moog Doodle For Bob's Birthday

Send us your doodles      23/05/12
Google Makes A Moog Doodle For Bob's Birthday
Who cares about search, lets rock!

When Google modifies its home page, there’s always news, but today it's pretty MASSIVE news - they’ve created a fully working analog subtractive synth and recorder.

This particular Doodle is to celebrate Bob Moog’s birthday, who would have been 78 today.
The idea was  dreamt up by two Google doodle engineers Ryan Germick and Joey Hurst  - who also did the Les Paul doodle. They wanted to make something special  to someone “who was like the patron saint of the nerdy arts”.

The result is simply brilliant. A basic rendition of a three oscilator, subtractive synth, complete with filter and envelope, all hooked up to a four track recorder - without a hint of Flash. Once you have created your masterpiece, you can link to it or share it on Google+.

We’re not sure exactly how long this is going to be around for, so get jamming and post your links in the comments below.....


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Jacob    Said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but I count to 3 oscillators

23-May-12 05:50 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks for the spot!

23-May-12 06:35 AM

Allan    Said...

"Upgrade to a modern browser and see what this doodle can really do."


23-May-12 08:21 AM

Gfman    Said...

Stupid. Moog has fallen apart without BOB.

23-May-12 01:00 PM

Ethan    Said...

What's so stupid about this? It's a clever piece of programming.

23-May-12 06:07 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Its great that Bob has been immortalized in this way. Didn't work for me in Chrome on my Mac though, only on my PC.

23-May-12 07:22 PM

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