Line 6 Ships New PA System

StageSource L3m digitally networkable loudspeaker systems are now available      28/06/12

Line 6 Ships New PA System

Line 6 has announced the availability of StageSource L3m. They tell us that StageSource loudspeaker systems are built on a powerful new technology platform that enables a single enclosure to provide best-of-class performance in multiple live sound functions. Line 6 believes that StageSource L3m is the most flexible loudspeaker available for musicians. Using L6 LINK digital networking and six innovative Smart Speaker modes, the L3m optimizes its output for a variety of performance scenarios: front-of-house PA, floor monitor, personal PA, keyboard and acoustic guitar backline or with Line 6 POD multi-effect processors as a high-performance electric guitar speaker system. Smart Speaker modes can be set manually or automatically via built-in orientation sensors that detect whether the speaker has been pole-mounted or rotated and tilted for use as a monitor.
A compact, full-range three-way speaker system, the StageSource L3m tri-amped design delivers 1,400 watts of balanced, clean and articulate audio through dual 10-inch woofers and a horn-loaded, one-inch exit compression driver that combine to deliver a powerful 132 dB maximum SPL. A precision-engineered 100x50-degree constant-directivity waveguide delivers consistent coverage throughout its entire frequency range and optimal dispersion throughout the audience area, wide enough for solo use yet controlled enough for arrayed pairs. The narrow vertical pattern ensures minimal energy is reflected off the ceilings and floors.
Simon Jones, vice president of new market development at Line 6, told Sonic State, "The StageSource L3m is the perfect companion for an L3t based system. Connected via L6 LINK digital networking, the system couldn't be easier to set up, and the integration of the Speaker Modes makes sure the system sounds amazing in every scenario, from solo performances in a coffee shop through to full-on rock shows. StageSource L3m goes way beyond the capabilities of a standard powered loudspeaker, offering advanced DSP, smart design and true scalability with L6 LINK digital networking. We've also included 12-band feedback suppression technology so performers sound their best at all times. Line 6 recognized that it's a challenge for the performing musician to choose the perfect high-performance loudspeaker system. Over the course of their career, a musician may play many styles of music, using multiple instruments and play many different sized venues. The scalability, integrated feature set and sound quality of StageSource loudspeaker systems meet that challenge, delivering a high-performance speaker for every musician's entire career."
Line 6 says that, from solo performers all the way to larger bands, live sound events or houses of worship, StageSource L3m can be used standalone or configured into full front-of-house and monitor systems. Connected via L6 LINK, the proprietary Line 6 networking protocol, StageSource L3m speakers automatically detect each other and adjust their settings accordingly. Used in a system with StageSource L3s subwoofers, crossovers and levels are automatically set for best performance.
Line 6 tells us that, when connected via L6 LINK, StageSource speakers and the StageScape M20d digital mixer are capable of unparalleled power and flexibility. They say that together they redefine the typical mixer-speaker paradigm to introduce a smarter live sound experience in which the live rig is a complete, intelligent ecosystem rather than merely a linear combination of components.
StageSource L3m features heavy-duty plywood construction, durable fitments, a steel grille with a protective screen backing, four M10 suspension points, and a pull-back for install scenarios.
Pricing and Availability:
StageSource L3m is now shipping and widely available. More information:

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