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Positive Grid releases JamUp Pro XT for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch      10/07/12

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Positive Grid has announced the release of JamUp Pro XT, which they describe as the latest version of its studio-grade, guitar/bass amp-and-effects modeling app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. They tell us that Pro XT brings a number of significant enhancements that solidify JamUp Pro's place as the most comprehensive, feature-rich app of its type, and the one with the most authentic sound and feel.
One of the key features in the new release is Tone Sharing, which allows users to create, share and download user tones from JamUp's cloud-based sharing site. Tone Sharing invites the player to check out presets from top artists, staff picks, a Tone of the Month, and user created tones from other JamUp users all over the world. The tone-creation possibilities of this new platform are virtually infinite. In addition, the sharing interface is ultra-intuitive, and many actions require just one finger-tap.
To make it easier to save presets for sharing or playing, JamUp Pro XT's Preset Manager has also been significantly upgraded, and now holds four banks of 16 presets, for a total of 64. Users can now rename the banks and add descriptions and categories.
JamUp is now compatibility with the Griffin Technology StompBox. Using JamUp and StompBox in tandem gives you all the functionality of a well-stocked pedalboard, and allows you to control actions like preset switching, effects on/off, wah-wah, phrase sampler as well as the iTunes Jam Player, right from StompBox's four programmable footswitches.
Positive Grid say that JamUp now offers the largest collection of amp models and effects available for the iOS platform. JamUp Pro XT is packed with a huge assortment of amps and effects, and if you want even more sonic possibilities, you can add optional expansion packs including the "Metal Expansion Pack", "Classic Expansion Pack", "Effect Expansion Pack"," Bass Expansion Pack", and "Boutique Expansion Pack".
All of the amps and effects can be edited using JamUp's easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. Move them around in any order to create your own, unique signal chain, and, if you want a little "instant gratification", check out "Tone Sharing", where you can choose from an assortment of "ready-to-use" setups covering a wide range of musical styles.
Pricing and Availability:
JamUp (Free) and JamUp PRO XT (Introductory price of $9.99, regular $19.99) are available on the App-Store. More information:


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