SNAMM12: Vocal FX Units Updated

TC-Helicon adds new features to VoiceLive Touch and VoiceLive 2      16/07/12

SNAMM12: Vocal FX Units Updated

TC-Helicon has released firmware updates that include new features for its bestsellers: VoiceLive Touch and Voice Live 2. Here's the details in their own words:
VoiceLive Touch, the ultimate stand-mountable, hands-on vocal effect and looper unit, and VoiceLive 2, the flagship, floor-based effects solution for singers, have been rocking the singing word for years. Still, even great things can be improved upon, and with this in mind, TC-Helicon decided to do a lot of listening – not a listening test, but listening to the users. A 'share-an-idea' page was set up on the TC-Helicon website and also users have been posting suggestions and ideas on the company's Facebook page and via the vocal community, Voice Council.
VoiceLive Touch Firmware v.1.2
The update for VoiceLive Touch adds no less than 10 new features, including 'Feedback' and 'Hi Cut' controls for the delay effect, a dedicated 'Decay' effect parameter for the reverb and the built-in looper has been enhanced, allowing users to adjust the playback level of previously recorded loops on the spot. A full list of new VoiceLive Touch features can be found at TC-Helicon's website.
VoiceLive 2 Firmware v.1.5
The VoiceLive 2 update now allows users to assign 'Step' or 'Bypass' to the control button of a TC-Helicon MP-75 microphone. In short, the MP-75 microphone features a handy Mic-Control button that can control the effects on TC-Helicon effect units. The most obvious use of this button is to switch effects on/off, but now it is also possible to go through 'steps' or bypass the entire unit directly from the MP-75 microphone when used with VoiceLive 2.
Sound Great, Then Create
Vocal effects are not a new phenomenon in any way, as singers have been using effects to improve their fundamental vocal sound for decades, but in many cases they would leave that up to a recording or live engineer to handle. The breakthrough in recent years is that performing artists have been given the power to control their own effects on the stage. Using vocal effects to improve the basic vocal sound is still relevant, of course, but having direct access to a wide array of effects also opens up a whole new world of experimenting, inspiration and not least creativity. World-renowned artists like Kimbra, Daniel Beddingfield, George Michael, Beardyman and Reggie Watts are among the VoiceLive Touch and VoiceLive 2 users, just to name a few. Vocal effects on the stage as well as in the studio is the way of present and future singers and the updated versions of VoiceLive Touch and VoiceLive 2 are a significant step along the road to a world where perfectly sounding and creatively inspiring vocals is commonplace. Pricing and Availability:
See website. More information:

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