What Happened To Studio Logic's Sledge Synthesizer

Can we have it soon please?      25/07/12

If you, like me, have been wondering what's going on with the Studiologic Sledge synthesizer - the impossibly yellow, Waldorf Blofeld powered, large format synthesizer with proper big knobs on, that I got so excited about post Musik Messe (how about a reply to my emails guys?). You might occaisionally take a search around youtube to see if there's been anything posted.

Well good news folks, this demo of sounds with some slow product image pans showed up, as posted by Studio Logic themselves.

I can only assume that this must mean that we might be seeing it for real sometime soon. I do hope so, I'm gagging to take a look. I know there's not much new in terms of synthesizer engine, but the large format control options and integrated hardware are what I like the look of. And indeed when I had a few private moments with it and a pair of headphones at Messe - I was hooked.

Bring it on - will you be looking forward to getting your hands on one?




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audionerd    Said...

Funny, it's like the design approach of a plugin, but then in hardware.

25-Jul-12 06:10 PM

hausmaus    Said...

If I didn't already have a Q satisfying my giant yellow Waldorf needs, and a Blofeld to make up for the unjust lack of a Microwave XT, this would be just the thing.

25-Jul-12 06:49 PM

Hermann aka SoulGroove    Said...

Same "waiting situation" for me also, the moment I heard this big knob Waldorf engine yellow synth I was sold to immediately. I really hope that Studio Logic will release this beauty.

26-Jul-12 03:01 AM

Andy Keys    Said...

Great looking and sounding board .... But please please please move the I/O to the rear !!!!!

26-Jul-12 05:31 AM

mattsynth    Said...

This one I cannot wait to play. I agree move the I/O to the rear, what are people thinking. Love that Waldorf filter & built in effects so bring it on. I am tired of cheep analog synths with no or super small keyboards. Can you store your patches in this synth? This one looks very promising.

26-Jul-12 08:01 AM

Fester    Said...

I hope the price will be as cheap as this video

26-Jul-12 10:01 AM

raphus    Said...

I gave up on promises from Waldorf after the Stromberg was a year or two late. Personally, I'd rather have a proper Mac editor/librarian for my Blofeld.

26-Jul-12 01:06 PM

RedWalks    Said...

What a coincidence I watched this one week ago : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8FghnTR48A&feature=related and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE84MP8YI3A&feature=related dunno if judging over YT is relevant but it sounded too clean maybe a bit thin to me...

27-Jul-12 12:43 PM

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