Get A Bigger Screen For Your MPC's new LCD screen doubles the screen size of the Akai MPC2500      31/07/12

Get A Bigger Screen For Your MPC has announced the release of the 2500XLCD, a new LCD screen which doubles the screen size of the Akai MPC2500 to a beefy 240 pixels by 128 pixels.
In addition to providing a larger screen, the MPC 2500 XLCD includes a free operating system update created by well-known developer, JJ OS. The operating system allows the new and improved LCD screen to utilize the full capabilities of the MPC2500 with a larger overall LCD screen footprint. The LCD screen is available in two colors (white and blue), which can also be inverted using a function in the included JJ OS128 operating system.
MPCstuff President Michael Minehart, told Sonic State, "Based on feedback from our customers, we have been developing this product for a long time and are excited to offer it to them. We know users will enjoy the aesthetic and functional advantages of a larger screen. The JJ OS128 operating system comes with many new features that were not obtainable with the smaller LCD screen."
The MPC 2500 XLCD includes the screen kit with complete tilt housing, contrast potentiometer and plug-and-play design wire harness. The new screen utilizes the same mounting points as the original factory LCD screen, but is installed as a completely new drop-in unit. It can be easily self-installed with the product's included video and written instructions. Andy Avgousti of, had this to say, "The new MPC 2500XLCD screen has to be the most exciting and useful MPC modification I've ever seen. Installation is quick and easy, while workflow is rapidly transformed thanks to the additional on-screen information and cleverly combined features found on many of the updated mode pages. A cool, MPC4000-style screen with less scrolling and less button pushing – an absolutely essential purchase for all MPC2500 owners." is also in the process of developing a version for the Akai MPC1000, which is expected to be available by September 2012. was established nearly 10 years ago in Northern Virginia and is now headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina. The company sells and manufactures pro audio equipment, hard to find spare parts, accessories and upgrades. MPCstuff specializes in spare parts for, but not limited to, the Akai MPC series. Pricing and Availability:
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