Podcast: SONIC TALK 278 - Big Pile Of HUI

Superlux studio shots, Juno 2012 chat, Mostly Robot      08/08/12

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80:17 mins

Alan Dicker - the guy who made the amazing Juno 2012
Rich Hilton - member of Chic and Nile Rodger’s studio guy
Gaz Williams - songwriter, producer, bass player
Mark Tinley -  sound artist and creative thinker
Nick Batt - editor Sonicstate.com

A flying visit from the man who made that amazing double Juno 106 - the Juno 2012, and a chat, then we move on to the rather amazing collection of studio shots I found here , I wont name it as it’s rather fruitily titled. Then we discuss the controklerist supergroup Mostly Robot, and Nick talks about the recent Liz Fraser gig he saw in Bath (she of the Cocteau Twins).

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robgs    Said...

Unusual pic there Nick, looks like you've just been punched out of your chair.. :-)

08-Aug-12 07:49 PM

Loneraver    Said...


08-Aug-12 11:56 PM

Nick B    Said...

I couldnt see that in the thumbnail chooser on Youtube - only the big Juno 2012 pic!

Not sure what I was doing there....

09-Aug-12 03:52 AM

Yawn where is the tech talk    Said...

I have just began to listen to your pod cast , the 106 one and I have lost interest your taking ten mins to say hello to people , maybe get on with the job in hand. I wanted to here about the gear , not a lot of back slapping and drawn out dull openings. Get dynamic man. Have taught radio production and broadcast , they would give you the Grave yard slot for sure.

09-Aug-12 04:35 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks mate. Some weeks are just slower news than others, especially in the summer. But anyhow, I guess all criticism gratefully received, will take it on board.

09-Aug-12 05:38 AM

asiohead    Said...

great title ! :)

09-Aug-12 08:24 AM

andrew from australia    Said...

where does a first time listener get off on telling a host to change the show?

on behalf of (i hope) most regular (silent) listeners, keep up the good and entertaining work Nick :)

14-Aug-12 09:21 AM

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