Podcast: SONIC TALK 279 - Google Peepshow

DSI Mopho X4, HiFi Hangouts and Mountain Lion attacks      15/08/12

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71:32 mins

Rich Hilton - member of Chic and Nile Rodger’s studio guy
Gaz Williams - songwriter, producer, bass player
Mark Tinley -  sound artist and creative thinker
Dave Spiers - makers of fine software instruments and Reason Rack Extensions
Nick Batt - editor Sonicstate.com
Our panel grows during the show to a full compliment, with topics starting at Dave Smith Instruments Mopho X4 keyboard, then we dig the new studio quality setting for Google Hangouts, and finally we talk about what Mountain Lion can do, or not do for you.

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audionerd    Said...

Is there a link for the synth collection video? Thanks.

16-Aug-12 01:09 PM

Kaleb    Said...

So happy to hear that Dave and Chris are planning to release a Prophet 10 VST! HEHE!

16-Aug-12 08:55 PM

Dave Spiers    Said...

@ audionerd. The link is:


The actual Analogue Heaven video (08.30) was part that I was involved with. I did nothing on the section up to that and I think that was tagged on at a later date. Amazing collection though and a very brave attempt at setting up a working vintage synth studio. Great shame it's not still going

17-Aug-12 05:13 AM

audionerd    Said...

Thanks Dave. What a lovely intro with the birds and Bob Moog's powerful words on imagination.

17-Aug-12 07:47 AM

KiwiSteve    Said...

Gaz Mentioned the M-Audio Venom Deal.

Yep I saw that too and was very tempted to buy one (even ordering and getting it delieverd to me here in NZ - teh deal was awesome). But then I realized that the device is so software dependent that I thought it too risky for future OS upgrades. My guess is that the life of this device is limited purely based on the reliance on it's computer APP? Unlike other hardware only synths that are still running because they have no computer app reliance.

18-Aug-12 10:10 AM

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