Loop Editor And Processor Updated

SKYLIFE updates WaveRobot to v4.19      30/08/12
Loop Editor And Processor Updated

SKYLIFE has been in touch to tell us about an update to its stand-alone loop editor and auto-loop processor WaveRobot to version 4.19. It is now available with optimized support for Mac OS X and Windows 7 (64 bit).
A spokesperson told Sonic State, "With WaveRobot you can turn every audio file into a musical loop. The different loop modes and crossfades give you a lot of creative freedom to shape the loops to your needs. When editing loop points you always see all relevant information about tempo and bars/beats. You can visually edit loops, zoom into waveforms in high speed and overlay the left and right side of a sample to see all shared zero crossings. Furthermore WaveRobot is equipped with highly-developed algorithms for precise auto-loop detection. You can also switch directly between different loop search results. If you need to create seamless sustained multi-samples, WaveRobot can work as an auto-loop batch processor in conjunction with SampleRobot."
New Features of V4.19
  • Improved Mac OS X support.
  • Improved Windows 7 (64 bit) support.
  • New auto-loop processing with much better performance and results than previous versions.
  • Optimized note markers transient recognition.
  • Move whole loop including all crossfades.
  • New embedded version 4 manuals, premium instruments information and version history.
  • General improvements of the graphical user interface.
WaveRobot Features
  • Professional Auto-Loop recognition and loop editing for wave files (incl. loop search and pattern markers).
  • Supports crossfade loops, forward-backward loops and combinations.
  • Alternative Auto-Loop search results are directly accessible.
  • Tempo-based and beat-based loop marker editing.
  • Automatic functions for truncating silence at the beginning and at the end of the waveform.
  • Comfortable editing: Fully scalable and zoomable editor window.
  • Fast waveform zooming and marker editing (even during playback).
  • Graphical overlay of stereo left and right waveforms in real-time.
  • Graphical overlay of associated loop regions in real-time during marker editing.
  • Autogain crossfades for optimum crossfade loops without volume-change during crossfade.
  • Intelligent zero-crossing functions.
  • Audio format: WAV up to 24 Bit, 192 kHz.
  • Loop/Crossfade/Release-Sample rendering.
  • Batch processing capabilities in conjunction with SampleRobot.
Pricing and Availability:
$79 / £49 / 59 € More information:
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