MPC Drum Layering Made Easy

Create unique drum sounds in an Akai MPC with Infinity Kit Volume 2      17/09/12
MPC Drum Layering Made Easy

Now available, the Infinity Drum Layering Kit Volume 2 presents another 192 frequency sculpted drum sounds engineered specifically for trouble-free MPC drum layering. tells us that to create your own perfect custom drum layers, just load up multiple drum sounds into your MPC and combine up to 4 of them together on any of the 64 pads using the built in 'pad layers'. They say that, whatever the combination, the results are always sonically perfect because every sound has been carefully processed and shaped to ensure that there are absolutely no frequency clashes, no nasty artefacts and no unwanted gain boosts.
Andy Avgousti, owner of, told Sonic State, "We had a fantastic response to the first Infinity Kit, people have been genuinely surprised at the ease in which they can create their own complex and professional sounding drums. It's a very creative tool, and definitely a step up from a standard drum library as it allows you to quickly shape your own unique sounds entirely within your MPC. MPC owners also appreciate that this is not yet another generic WAV collection marketed as 'MPC compatible', but instead a product that takes full advantage of MPC-specific features to achieve its goals. As a company 100% committed to the MPC market, these are exactly the kind of products we want to be making for the MPC community."
The entire collection contains 48 snares, 48 kick, 48 hats and 48 claps, and also contains 8 ready-made layered programs providing an additional 512 layered drums. Additionally, all the drums from 'Infinity Kit Volume 1' are fully compatible with this new volume, giving a total of 384 drum sounds all 100% guaranteed to layer perfectly together.
The Infinity Kit Volume 2 is available as an instant digital download exclusively from the web site. It is currently compatible with MPC1000/2500/500/5000, all versions of JJOS and has been fully tested to work with the new MPC Renaissance. A version for legacy MPCs will be available by the end of September.
Technical Specifications
  • Samples: 192 drum and percussion - 48 snares, 48 hats, 48 kicks, 48 claps & snaps
  • Format: WAV versions of all sounds (16 bit) + PGMs for loading into MPC1000/2500/5000/500, Akai OS & all JJOS
  • Compatibility: MPC1000, MPC2500, MPC500, MPC4000, MPC5000, MPC Renaissance, JJOS
  • License: Royalty Free
  • Download Size: 7MB
  • Delivery: Download instantly after purchase
Pricing and Availability:
$19.99 More information:

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