Moog Discontinues Voyager Select Series

Pick one up now while you still can      21/09/12
Moog Discontinues Voyager Select Series

I guess all things come to pass, and Moog has decided the Voyager Select has had its day.

We've just had this Press Release in that explains more...

Today Moog Music announced its plans to discontinue production of the Minimoog Voyager Select Series, the top selling backlit analog synthesizer of all time. Over the last six years the Select Series has been used in studios and on stages around the globe. Whether it’s Madonna, Dr. Dre, Alicia Keys, CeeLo Green, Lady Gaga or Sugarland, the custom combinations of color and finish reflects the unique aesthetic and personality of its owner. Moog will continue building the Select Series through the end of the year, with the final Select Series leaving the factory on Jan 1, 2013.
This is the last chance ever for prospective buyers to purchase a Select Series Voyager, but it will also be their best chance. During the remaining months of production, Moog has reduced the selling price on all Select Series Voyagers from $3,659 to $2,999.
“We felt it was important to give musicians who had always dreamt of customizing a handcrafted Voyager a final chance to build one at an unprecedented price," said Mike Adams, CEO Moog Music Inc. “We are a small company that still builds by hand, so sometimes we have to make hard decisions about ending the life of even our most favorite products. However, history has shown that discontinued Minimoogs, like the Model D and the Old School, have a tendency to become highly sought after collector's items. I'm sure we'll see them on stages and in studios for years to come.” said Adams.
The discontinuation of the Select Series comes just as Moog begins celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Minimoog Voyager. The first Minimoog Voyager introduced the world to the next generation of analog synthesizers in 2002. To honor this milestone, Moog has created an interactive ten-year retrospective containing the untold history of the Voyager, artist profiles and performances, free gifts, and other announcements that are yet to come.
About the Sale:
Minimoog Voyager Select Series will be gone by 2013. Until that time the price has been reduced from $3,659 to $2,999. Available direct from the Moog website or your favorite Moog Dealer
About the Minimoog Voyager:
The Minimoog Voyager is the crowning achievement of one of the century's greatest minds, and has stood as a testament to Dr. Robert Moog, and his dream to make electronics sing. Ten years later the Minimoog Voyager stands as the world's most iconic analog synthesizer. To this day each instrument is made by hand with the love and care at the Moog factory in Asheville, NC.
About Moog Music:
Moog Music synthesizers and other electronic musical instruments are designed and lovingly handcrafted at theMoog factory in downtown Asheville, N.C. Moog Music and its customers carry on the legacy of Dr. Robert Moog, inventor of the Moog synthesizer and Founder of Moog Music Inc.
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Loneraver    Said...

I always wanted one but I have never had $3000+ to spend on a monophonic synth.

21-Sep-12 12:01 PM

Gman    Said...

$3,000.00 is a great price for this quality American made instrument. That is the problem today everybody wants cheap plastic crap like the Minibrute and the Korg's little crap boxes. This is the instrument I use on stage and in the studio and I want the best professional quality made instrument I can get. The Moog is one that fits that bill.

21-Sep-12 02:01 PM

loneraver    Said...

It might be a great price for a quality American made instrument. I just never had $3000 for something like this. There are also many nice cars out there but I go with what I can afford.

21-Sep-12 09:01 PM

al_bot    Said...

$3000 is a lot of money. i think the minibrute and korg fill a specific market. i blame soft synths for causing the decline of cool hardware synths.

22-Sep-12 06:32 PM

Blake    Said...

Great price but considering the state of economies across the globe, It's just not practical. I'm sure Moog's Little Phatty and Slimphatty sales are where it's at now.

22-Sep-12 07:28 PM

Rapscallion    Said...

I can honestly say that I have never once regretted buying my Voyager select (whitewash/jade). It's the one thing I would grab if there were a fire(ok besides the hard drives). There really is no substitute for the fatness of the real mini sound with all the modern controls and connections you could hope for in a really solidly built,professional package . Once you know your way around the synth its possible to make MANY various types of sounds in a relatively short time compared to the mouse and virtual knob paradigm . It's not cheap ,but if real analog fatness with hands on tweak and patch-ability AND patch memory(and VST plug-in control)built to a high standard is what you're into ..

22-Sep-12 09:40 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Just to be clear to those of us not that familiar with the Voyager:

Is The Moog Voyager still available, with only the "select" range being cancelled?

Secondly, is there a difference, sonically, between them?

23-Sep-12 05:26 AM

Gman    Said...

$3,000.00 is a lot of money but Moogs last a lifetime. The last Artura product I purchased did not make it even two years.I cannot wait for the new Two Voice Oberheim coming out soon. That is another company that makes quality made instruments.

24-Sep-12 08:44 AM

A Sound Designer    Said...


There is no difference sonically, these are just the ones with the backlit lettering on the panel and custom paint options. The regular Voyager will still be available for all your monophonic Moog needs.

I'm mostly disappointed that, without Bob at the helm, they have yet to really innovate. The Voyager at least provided some interesting ideas that were more forward thinking, but it came out a long time ago. I'm not knocking Moog products, just hope there R&D isn't going towards another remake or iteration and instead towards something to continue Bob's exploration of sonic creation and manipulation. The AniMoog is a cool step, but what about the hardware line of products?

24-Sep-12 12:54 PM

Peter K.    Said...

My Voyager OS is a BEAST!!!

I think they are innovating with the integration of MIDI and sync to their FX. That chorus pedal can do some crazy cool stuff! And how many analog delays have tap tempo?? That's pretty cool.

The Minitaur is a dynamite piece too... Their stuff isn't cheap, but I do feel you get what you pay for. I love my Moog gear for sure!

25-Sep-12 12:36 AM

Loneraver    Said...

I'd love to spend $3000 on a synth. I bet I'd love it and feel like I got my money's worth. It's just that I will NEVER have $3000 to spend of a monophonic synth. It really isn't an instrument ment for normal musicians and hobbiest musicians which is why I think their Moog Slim phatty is selling so well.

25-Sep-12 12:43 PM


The Phattys ARE cool instruments, but when you get a Voyager, you see and hear where that extra money went. The rack version is cheaper... less than a workstation. You might want to check that out if $$ is an issue.

28-Nov-12 06:18 PM

Bob    Said...

I agree. I picked up a secondhand Voyager and its a great instrument that is built like a tank. I fully anticipate expiring before it does. Sure it has its faults and you need to love it rather than expect instant gratification. I have secondhand slim phatty and a new sub phatty too - the sub is a quality instrument as well that sounds much grittier ( maybe too much ) but its not a patch on the Voyager.

03-Oct-13 06:18 AM

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