Plug-In Offers Three Different Limiting Algorithms

Axis Plug-ins releases Track Limiter for Mac and Windows      24/09/12

Plug-In Offers Three Different Limiting Algorithms

Axis Plug-ins has announced the Track Limiter. Available formats and platforms are Audio Unit (AU), RTAS, VST, VST3 for Apple OS X 32bit/64bit and RTAS, VST, VST3 for Windows PC 32bit/64bit. The Track Limiter offers three different limiting algorithms as described below by Axis Plug-ins in their own words...
Loudness Maximization and Brick-wall Limiting
Unwanted digital distortions are always no joy. The Track Limiter controls your audio levels and prevents distortions in any possible way. If you need to give your audio more sustain, the Track Limiter helps you to max-out your audio's loudness. Even at extreme settings, the Track Limiter will control levels without any hearable distortions. Whether you just need to catch a clip-over or to increase the average level of your audio, the Track Limiter is the solution.
New School Limiting
The Track Limiter employs new school acoustic limiting algorithms that handle the low, mid and high aspects of your audio different. Considering the way humans perceive volume levels, the Track Limiter intelligently adjusts your audio levels from those three frequency portions to keep them under the maximum you have specified. To effectively control your levels, the Track Limiter looks ahead of your audio, watching for any peaks that would exceed the maximum output level. It quickly decreases the level to bring the peak under the maximum, preventing distortions from occurring. The Track Limiter is a brick-wall peak limiter, it will never allow the audio to exceed the maximum output level you have specified.
Three different limiting algorithms
You want more control over the way the track limiter sounds ? The same limiting style doesn't fit every purpose ? That's why the Track Limiter provides three different limiting algorithms. Now you can tweak the track limiters' limiting style to meet your needs. But we offer choice without complexity. Using the Track Limiter is easy, in many cases it just needs to be inserted and a factory preset may be selected. A few small adjustments to the 'Attack' or 'Release' parameters, and you are ready to go.
Peak-to-Peak Ratio, RMS and Instant Peak
What is the Track Limiter without its' decent metering? The Track Limiter gives you all the metering you need to get the most from your limiting needs. To make sure that you don't lose the overview of any aspect of your audio levels, the Track Limiter introduces an integrated Peak, RMS, and Peak hold meter. The Track Limiter even offers a Peak-to-Peak ratio meter. This meter ensures you don't destroy your audio dynamics. Unless, if, this is what you want !
Pricing and Availability:
€39.00 every 12 months licence (see website). More information:



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