Microphone Packages For String Players

Schertler's STAT-PRO and STAT-ROAD packs combine quality pickups with new portable preamps      26/09/12

Microphone Packages For String Players

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Swiss manufacturer Schertler has recently teamed its popular STAT series of contact microphones for violin, viola, 'cello and double bass with its Yellow Single and Yellow Blender portable preamps to create two new live/studio packages aimed at string players and sound engineers. STAT-PRO packs combine Schertler's STAT-V, STAT-C or STAT-B pickups with the new Yellow Single preamp, while the STAT-ROAD packs combine Schertler's flagship Yellow Blender preamp with each pickup.
Developed for use in loud musical environments with high levels of amplification, such as rock or jazz performances, the bridge-mounted STAT pickups are specially designed to accurately reproduce the warm sound of the instrument's strings with no harshness or distortion. Schertler says that, as well as being easy to install with no damage to the instrument, the pickups are also highly resistant to feedback making them a popular choice with both artists and engineers.
Schertler tells us that the addition of a preamp enables the pickups to be used on stage or in the studio without an amplifier, giving the performer flexibility of movement as well as user-friendly access to a range of controls for shaping and enhancing the instrument's sound. Yellow Single has one dedicated input channel that accommodates a range of microphones, pickups and electronic instruments. Yellow Blender offers two dedicated input channels - one balanced XLR for microphones and one unbalanced for line sources. Input channels include 4-band EQ, notch filter, phase reverse, low pass "warmth" filter and low cut switch. (The Return socket on both preamps can also function as an additional input for line sources.) Both models offer 48V and 10V phantom power. The preamps can be connected to a range of active loudspeakers, mixers, recording devices and effects units.
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