iZotope Releases All-New Bundle

Iris+5 features Voice, the newest Sound Library for Iris      22/10/12
iZotope, Inc.has released the Iris+5 bundle comprised of Iris, iZotope's ground-breaking visual instrument, and five complementary Sound Libraries--including the newest addition, Voice. They say that Iris is now bigger than ever before, and a must-have tool for sound designers and composers looking to evoke emotion through sonic experimentation.
Product Manager Jack Côté, told Sonic State, "Iris+5 is an opportunity for us at iZotope to showcase Iris and its companion sound libraries as a whole. Each library represents a different way of thinking about sounds that are potentially very familiar, but in a way that really opens creative doors for musicians and sound designers seeking something new and different."
Here's more of what iZotope has to say...
Iris inspires creative audio possibilities within any sound, all through a powerful suite of spectral selection tools, flexible sample layering and manipulation, and a variety of effects and synth controls. Intrepid audio explorers can find music in everything by loading up their own samples or field recordings, but with over 500 patches and a 4 GB sound library included, Iris also provides hundreds of amazing sounds to work with immediately.
To build on this impressive library, and to further develop new and intriguing source material, iZotope also offers five expansion Sound Libraries: Wood, Glass, Food, Toys, and now Voice. Together, Iris+5 includes over 1100 professionally-designed patches and over 5 GB of diverse audio content, all in one value-packed bundle.
The new Voice Sound Library melds the world of incredible spectral manipulation with the most powerful instrument there is--the human voice. With growling leads, ethereal choirs, percussive and beatboxing effects, indie pop-style vocal pads, and much more, Voice is dark, ominous, cheery and wonderfully musical all at the same time.
Pricing and Availability:
Iris+5 is now available for a special introductory price of $249 USD through November 2, 2012, a $100 savings off the MSRP of $349 USD.
+5 (a bundle of all five Iris Sound Libraries) is available for an MSRP of $129.
Iris Voice is available individually for an MSRP of $49 USD.
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