Dream Desk For Keyboardists

UNTERLASS Studio Furniture introduces the DUODESK KEY 60      08/11/12
Dream Desk For Keyboardists

Austrian high-end studio furniture-maker UNTERLASS Studio Furniture has announced availability of DUODESK KEY 60, hot on the heels of the company's successful DUODESK 60 launch product -- billed as being a one-man media production workspace for recording, mastering, and mixing.
Company founder Arno Unterlass, told Sonic State, "The DUODESK 60 was the first furniture I designed and built; the next step was to integrate a keyboard shelf capable of handling heavy master keyboards. After a lot of research and prototype-building, the DUODESK KEY 60 was born. Its pull-out drawer enables composers and songwriters to work with large master keyboards, which can be rolled out from underneath the desk surface. An industrial- engineered guidance system ensures the necessary stability and strength required to handle the static and dynamic loads imposed at very low installation heights."
Here's the full lowdown in the company's own words...
The DUODESK KEY 60 is available as standard in a silk matt black lacquered finish for €2,225.00 EURO (excluding VAT). Featuring a cleverly-concealed cable management system, its two 10-degree-angled desktop-mounted side racks (10HE each), two front-facing floor-level vertical side racks (12HE each), and two rear-mounted horizontal racks (4HE each) all amount to a lot of rack space -- surely enough to satisfy most recording requirements, while its ergonomic shape, look, and feel simplifies workflow. The height- adjustable keyboard drawer can comfortably accommodate master keyboards up to 170cm wide and 16cm high -- including the likes of Doepfer Musikelektronik's monstrous, heavy-duty flight-cased, 88-note LMK4+ example, with the front of the desk's armrest panel being custom profiled to exactly match the purchaser's master keyboard.
Various configuration options enhance the look, feel, and functionality of the DUODESK KEY 60: deluxe (alternative 'Zebrano' wooden finish); flexi (extends the desk width by 20cm or 50cm); white (alternative colour finish). Pricing upon request.
Production time is approximately four weeks from order placement, and shipping is available from €100.00 EURO (excluding VAT), depending on destination. All desks are securely supplied flat-packed in a wooden crate with instructions for relatively simple self-assembly. No need to widen any doors!
Pricing and Availability:
€2,225.00 (see main text) More information:


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kekolec    Said...

desk is alright, BUT THE SPL STUFF! damn!

08-Nov-12 03:33 AM

Henri    Said...

I find in general music desks suck. there should be elegant and modular solutions. not dust traps or mortuary boards !

08-Nov-12 02:29 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

That is one hell of a lot of money for what you are getting. Time to get out the table saw...

10-Nov-12 11:21 PM

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