Native Instruments Improves Studio Plug-Ins

Vintage Compressors and Transient Master updated and half-price      20/11/12
Native Instruments Improves Studio Plug-Ins

Native Instruments has announced the re-release of four studio effects. VINTAGE COMPRESSORS and TRANSIENT MASTER feature sleek new user interfaces, and can now be used as stand-alone plug-ins in any DAW. To celebrate this re-release, all four products, plus the VINTAGE COMPRESSORS bundle, are available for half price until November 26. Here's NI's description of the plug-ins:

VINTAGE COMPRESSORS are painstakingly accurate emulations of three legendary compressors found in recording studios worldwide. Each has been created by NI and Softube to deliver the true sound of the original - with additional sidechain inputs and dry controls for parallel compression. The VC 160 and VC 2A also feature a Low-Cut dial for avoiding overly hard compression. Producers can explore a wide range of modern, creative compression techniques with the beloved sound of classic studio equipment.

Each compressor can be purchased separately or as part of the VINTAGE COMPRESSORS bundle. The VC 2A is based on a legendary electro-optical tube compressor/limiter. Its medium-to-slow auto-release setting makes it especially suitable for adding smooth presence and punch to drums, vocals or the stereo bus. The VC 160 is based on a studio staple with a voltagecontrolled design. This compressor provides extremely-fast signal detection – perfect for drums and any instrument where adding punch and edge is essential. The VC 76 recreates a popular FET compressor renowned for its super-fast attack and unique 'All Button Mode'. Versatile enough for use on a wide range of sound sources, its streamlined control panel means this extremely precise, studio tool is also extremely intuitive.

TRANSIENT MASTER is a unique envelope shaper providing users with the ability to place instruments – especially drums and percussion – in the mix, independent of compression and EQ settings. This deceptively simple tool is based on a popular standard used as a secret weapon in many studios.

Pricing and Availability:

From now until November 26, the VINTAGE COMPRESSORS and TRANSIENT MASTER are available at the NI Online shop for half price.

The VC 2A, VC 160, and VC 76 are available for $ 59.50 / 49,50 €
Regular price: $119 / 99 € each.

The VINTAGE COMPRESSORS bundle is available for $ 114.50 / 99,50 €
Regular Price: $ 229 / 199 €.

TRANSIENT MASTER is available for $ 59.50 / 49,50 €
Regular Price: $119 / 99 €.

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