Mobile Music Cable Kit

IK Multimedia announces iLine collection of high-quality cables for the mobile musician      08/01/13
Mobile Music Cable Kit

IK Multimedia has announced the iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit, which they describe as a comprehensive collection of high quality cables designed to cover all possible audio signal routings for users of smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and laptops. They say that the cables provide everyone from DJs to live musicians to music enthusiasts with the tools they need to handle virtually any mobile cabling situation. Here's the full details in IK's own words...

The iLine cables are all made in Italy, and feature high-quality components such as 24K gold-plated connectors for excellent connectivity, high-purity copper conductors for increased dynamic range and resolution, high-density shielding to guard against distortion and interference and low-capacitance insulation for the best quality signal transmission and transient preservation. All the plugs are conveniently color coded for quick and easy identification of their functionality.

The kit covers a wide range of mobile and audio applications, including those where the correct cables are hard to find, such as extending your headphone cable (and still being able to use the built-in mic) or converting stereo signals to mono, or easily connecting your phone or laptop to DJ or home stereo gear.

The kit includes the following cables:

Mono Output Adapter: the ultimate iRig to Guitar amp cable, it converts 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo output to 1/4" (6.35mm) mono signal.  Use this to send your stereo output from your device into a mono input device like a guitar amplifier or a mono-input powered speaker.

Input Output Extension: extends the range of your device output jack, including signal input and microphone capability.  Use this one when you want to use your iRig, iRig MIC, iRig Mic CAST or headset with more room to move around, especially if you talk with your hands a lot.

Stereo Aux: almost 5' (150 cm) in length, this extra long stereo cable can be used when you want to connect your device to speakers or car stereo, especially in places where longer cable runs are required.

Headphone Splitter: as the name implies, this one takes a single stereo pair from your device and makes two out of it. Allows the use of two pairs of headphones or speakers from a single stereo output on a 1/8" (3.5mm) jack, long enough (12"/30 cm) to ensure proper separation of the listeners.

RCA Output Adapter: 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo male to 2 x RCA mono male. This cable makes it possible to connect a mobile device to DJ gear, or home stereos with RCA I/O.

Mono Output Splitter: this one is perfect for sending the signal from your device to the L/R inputs in a stereo channel on a mixer.  The unique 1/4" (6.35mm) mono female jacks let you use your standard signal cables to freely place your device on stage while running your signal to the front of house mixer.

The kit also comes with a convenient travel case, allowing users to easily keep the cables together in one location.

The iLine cables are also offered for individual purchase, to meet specific a-la-carte audio needs.

Pricing and Availability:

The iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit and the individual iLine Cables will be shipping in February 2013.

The iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit will be priced at €47.99 (ex VAT), with a saving of 50% of the cost of buying the cables individually.

Individual prices are as follows:

  • Mono Output Adapter - €15.99
  • Input Output Extension - €15.99
  • Stereo Aux - €15.99
  • Headphone Splitter - €11.99
  • RCA Output Adapter - €19.99
  • Mono Output Splitter - €15.99
  • Travel Case - €7.99

All prices excluding VAT.

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Chris    Said...

Toooo expensive...

23-Jan-13 01:31 PM

KlinglOvEsbLaCk    Said...

I would never buy anything from IK Multimedia with their horrible quality and high prices, just money grabbing thugs with error-prone everything according to reviews, but the graphics = ok.

26-Jan-13 10:53 PM

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