WNAMM13: Wheelharp Up Close Video

From Antiquity Music      25/01/13

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Downstairs in Hall E is an interesting place at Namm... it's where you find the smaller stands, and companies with more 'experimental' products on display.

And one such product was the Wheelharp, from LA-based company Antiquity Music. Looking like a cross between a piece of antique furniture, a steampunk prop from the Van Helsing movie, and a hurry-gurdy, it is most definitely in pole position for the strangest and possibly most wondrous instrument of the show so far...

We grabbed a quick run-through with creator Mitchell Manger - enjoy!

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Outo    Said...

Looks and sounds more like an April Fools Day joke...

25-Jan-13 11:26 AM

rezazel    Said...

Though I can't quite see a use beyond atmospheric soundtracks, it certainly is an interesting instrument....

25-Jan-13 02:18 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Interesting instrument... Sounded like it hadn't been tuned properly though. Looks like something a Bond Villain would play.

25-Jan-13 03:26 PM

dripfeed    Said...

Damon Albarn will be straight over with his cheque book.

26-Jan-13 11:12 AM

RedWalks    Said...

...good luck keeping that in tune !! Though a hot n humid place like Namm showrooms are its enemy...

26-Jan-13 11:51 AM

M. Joossens    Said...

At the very minimum it's a handmade (in the US!) work of art that clearly will be produced in limited numbers and will likely become valuable as a collector's peice one day.

26-Jan-13 02:43 PM

paf    Said...

You should have been there - the sound was effing amazing.

27-Jan-13 01:35 PM

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