Tutorial Book For The Akai MPC

MPC-Samples.com releases The JJOSXL Chopping Bible      14/02/13

Tutorial Book For The Akai MPC

MPC-Samples.com has announced the release of the JJOSXL: Chopping Bible by MPC-Tutor, the first and only dedicated tutorial book for JJOSXL, the advanced third party operating system for the MPC1000/2500.

They tell us that, with 125 pages of step-by-step tutorials and practical projects for you to recreate in your MPC, this book comprehensively teaches you everything about the art of chopping in JJOSXL:

•    Fully understand the destructive and non-destructive chopping processes
•    Develop optimal workflows & techniques for chopping drum breaks and entire songs
•    Learn accurate & fast chopping methods along with advanced pad previewing options
•    Build velocity sensitive finger drumming kits from chopped breaks
•    Master the more advanced uses of the patched phrase feature
•    Use sustain looping on instrument chops to create multisampled notes and programs
•    Utilise filters, tuning, effects, ADSR and other program parameters to customize your chopped programs
•    Discover the different methods for implementing polyphonic and monophonic programs
•    Loop individual drum chops for unique percussive effects
•    Create your own songs and beats using nothing but non-destructive chops

MPC-Samples.com says that each chapter is broken down into a number of beat making projects written in a no-nonsense, step-by-step style, with clear MPC screen shots and all the files you need to recreate each project in your MPC - giving you a fun, hands-on learning experience to quickly master the complexities of JJOSXL.

Author Andy Avgousti, told Sonic State, "JJOSXL completely transforms the MPC1000 and MPC2500 into an incredibly powerful sample chopping powerhouse, but getting to grips with this additional complexity involves a very steep learning curve. When writing the book I wanted to ensure that I not only clearly explained the 'technical' aspects of all the advanced chopping features, I also wanted to show people how to easily apply this newfound knowledge to their day-to-day beat making workflow. It's all about taking full advantage of JJOSXL to get even more creative with your MPC."

MPC-Samples.com believes that, from learning the basics of chopping, to developing workflows that suit your own unique style, right through to building your own songs and beats using chops of vintage blues recordings and even entire classical music pieces, JJOSXL: The Chopping Bible is the easiest way to quickly become a JJOSXL chopping master!

Technical Specifications
•    Contents: 125 page PDF ebook, plus over 200 example tutorial files
•    Format: PDF, JJOSXL project files & WAV files
•    Compatibility: MPC1000 running JJOS2XL 3.2x, or MPC2500 running JJOS-XL 3.2x
•    Author: Andy Avgousti (MPC-Tutor)
•    Publisher: MPC-Samples.com
•    Download Size: 69MB
•    Delivery: Download instantly after purchase.

Pricing and Availability:

$19.99 / £11.99

For a limited time, every purchase of the JJOSXL Chopping Bible will include an exclusive JJOSXL discount code, entitling you to a full copy of the JJOSXL operating system for only $110 (a saving of $13), or alternatively an upgrade from JJOS1 to JJOSXL for only $67 (a saving of $7). Terms and conditions apply.

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