Between Trap And Dubstep

Prime Loops releases Trapstep sample collection      26/03/13

Between Trap And Dubstep

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Prime Loops says that you should tread cautiously in the direction of Trapstep and take a trip into the turbulent sonic terrain that exists between Trap and Dubstep with their new song kit sample pack encapsulating the best of this conglomeration of sounds, epitomised by the whipping impact of 808 beats, deep sub-basslines and sonorous lead synth loops.

A spokesperson told us, "Trapstep is taking over the electro scene and has begun to gather global momentum since it's first emergence in the music of DJ Daytona Velasquez. Timeline & Daytona's 'Pretty Ugly' typified the Trapstep sound which has since rocketed to prominence in the hands of Baauer, Hudson Mohawke and Sinjin Hawke amongst many other DJs and producers. Now this is your chance to stamp your own mark on the scene!"

Prime Loops tells us that Trapstep will inject over 210MB of professionally mastered samples straight into your library, allowing you to construct your own tracks from a series of 5 folders. From Drum Loops to Drum One-Shots, Instrument One-Shots & SFX One-Shots, Trapstep Basslines and Trapstep Synth Loops, each sample comes in a standard tempo of 140BPM - the Trapstep standard. You can alter this with a simple drag of the cursor once you've dropped your samples straight into whichever piece of major software you choose to use.

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