MESSE13: Is Going To Be A Very Synthy Affair

A look at what we know is being released and a few comments on what we would like to see...      08/04/13
MESSE13: Is Going To Be A Very Synthy Affair

Musik MESSE 2013 starts this week and we will be there in force to give you the low down on all the coolest new gear and the not so cool, but particularly useful (Pro Tools 11...) So here we have compiled a list of what we know already and by the looks of the list it looks as though this year will be a very synthy show, with announcements from Nord, Novation, Jomox, Doepfer and more.


  • Novation Bass Station II - This is a big one for Novation as its their first full analogue synth. More info here
  • Nord Lead 4 innovative new performance features, advanced layering and synchronization possibilities, new filter types and on-board effects, the new Nord Lead 4, announced today,  is a synthesizer dream come true. More info here
  • Doepfer Modules - A assortment of 8 new modules, 2 sequencers and a new case. More info here
  • Jomox Eurorack Modules - 2 new drum modules for the eurocrack addicts. More info here
  • MFB - Analogue drum machine and an analogue synth keyboard. More info here
  • Pro Tools 11 - An update of the new version of this bread and butter DAW. More info here
  • FL Studio 11 - Another updated DAW. More info here
  • Roland/Boss RC505 - A new and innovative tabletop looper. More info here
  • Korg - Say they also have something for us, but we dont what that is yet. A poly analogue for under £500? We can only hope...


I for one am very happy about this list and cant wait to get the scoop on all the new equipment. Especially the new analogues...

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Edd Butterworth

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sf_user    Said...

I hope to see something new from Kurzweil. Looking forward to your coverage starting later this week.

09-Apr-13 12:19 AM

eXode    Said...

I was hoping to finally see a working version of the Waldorf Pulse 2. Here's to hoping.

09-Apr-13 02:24 AM

Conscience    Said...

Mr. Kurzweil is busy implementing artificial dna in every living creature on this planet, for total control.

12-Apr-13 08:07 PM

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