MESSE13: Rupert Neve Designs Announces Desktop Mixer

The 5060 Centerpiece 24x2 mixer makes its debut      10/04/13

MESSE13: Rupert Neve Designs Announces Desktop Mixer

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Rupert Neve Designs has announced the 5060 Centerpiece 24x2 Desktop Mixer - designed to be the class A analog heart of your recording studio. They say that, sized for the desktop, the 5060 delivers the tonality and center section features of their flagship 5088 console at your fingertips, cementing outboard equipment together with serious custom transformers, flexible monitoring, DAW transport controls, and - most importantly - the raw power of a Rupert Neve-designed 24x2 mix-buss. Here's what RND has to say...

With the 5060 Centerpiece, the primary aim is to deliver the extraordinary quality of the 5088 in a compact, modular framework. With an abundance of interconnectivity, exceptional fidelity, and the tonal versatility of Silk, the 5060 is the ideal core of the quality-conscious modern studio.

In a modular, hybrid analogue/digital mix system built around the Centerpiece, existing gear can be seamlessly integrated with this mix-buss: the core of Rupert's legendary console designs, responsible for the sound of five decades of the world's favorite records. Utilizing modern DAW control technologies, the 5060 integrates stem outputs from the DAW with the rest of the control room, sums the final mix, and provides 2-track outputs, source selection, and multiple speaker feeds from the monitor section.

With its custom transformers, a class A mix buss and variable Silk, the 5060 can also provide a huge range of tonal flavors. For a rich, vintage vibe, the mix buss can be driven hard and Silk/Texture can be implemented in either of two different transformer saturation modes, or Silk can be disengaged entirely for clear, wide-open
sonic beauty.

Used in conjunction with 5059 mixers and Portico modules, the 5060 forms the center of a completely scalable analogue system. In this arrangement, the 5059s provide individual channel control, aux routing, and expandable channel counts, the Portico modules provide preamplification, EQ and dynamics, and the 5060 unites it all.

While digital technologies come and go, the modular, class A analog designs Rupert created decades ago have been proven to stand the test of time. Instead of merely cloning these "classics," Rupert has spent recent years leading a team of engineers in crafting new designs, built on the same key principals, that take sonic performance, flexibility and ergonomics to new heights. These designs embody the high-voltage, class A, discrete and transformer-coupled architectures found in the 5088 console, which represent a culmination of Rupert's vast analogue circuitry knowledge.

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