MESSE13: Universal Audio Apollo 16

More IO, new software features      10/04/13

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We've been itching to tell ever since we had a visit from Universal Audio and the Apollo 16 en route to Musik Messe 2013.

Jed Allan, from Universal Audio Europe, popped in to show us the brand new member of the Apollo family. The Apollo 16 is geared even more towards the pro studio user, with 16 channels of IO and Quad Core DSP. Its all hooked up to four Tascam format D-Sub connectors, so you can wire it up to the tails you need for your setup. Heck, you can have XLR tails for studio use, and why not get another set of balanced 1/4 for live work.

Looms are not included, but will need to be built separately, you can always buy pre-made Tascam format looms.

The other big news is with Control Panel V7.0, this gives you four stereo cue mixes so you can process up to 8 live mono inputs to 8 hardware outputs for live work, doubling the number of discrete processing - each channel in the console still has four insert points.

Additionally, there are new Virtual Channels, which give you virtual routing from within your DAW to process using the on-board DSP. The Apollo 16 comes in Quad Core DSP only and will cost somewhere in the region of $3k.



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"A Pro"    Said...

What does a "Pro" studio mean these days?

Outmoded thinking and a complete Rip Off. an insult to ALL potential users - as in - if you use ordinary Apollo you are small fish so we dish out only minimal DSP.

If you want what should be a standard amount of DSP, we'll call you "Pro" and rip you off.

Get Real

10-Apr-13 04:20 AM

apollo user    Said...

@"A Pro" Your comments make no sense. The apollo 16 comes with a quad card because a duo would be too limiting with that number of channels. The original apollo gives you the choice of quad card or duo configurations; so the 16 isn't giving you extra plugin power, it's just more line level channels and some added routing flexibility -- features actual professionals were asking for. Don't hate on it just because you can't afford one.

13-Apr-13 10:28 AM

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