MESSE13: CME Xkeys With Poly Aftertouch Updated

Now with app to edit key by key repsonse      11/04/13

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Just an update from CME who answered our endless quest for keyboards with aftertouch by releasing the XKey compact controller with Poly aftertouch no less at Namm earlier this year. Now at Musik Messe 2013, we see the latest pre-production models expected to be shipping in May. Also in development is the Xkey app - you'll be able to edit the curves and response and functions to a pretty granular level - even down to specific keys.

Coming soon $99/€99



Edd Butterworth

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Synth_Fan    Said...

Stunning, CME - you are unique in thinking about the keyboard experience. Players will be delighted with this; and for performance of, say, orchestral sample package lines, or Arturia's CS80V (indeed all plugins with polyphonic aftertouch), this will be fabulous.

Clearly if you're offering user designable aftertouch curves you have mastered the robustness and stability of polyphonic aftertouch sensors, at a very low cost.

I hope other synth companies avail of your technology - they should ALL follow you lead.

Please release a full sized keyboard controller with this stunning technology.

11-Apr-13 01:49 PM

USB MIDI keyboard lover    Said...

I agree with Synth_Fan. I, too, am waiting breathlessly for a truly professional, top-shelf controller MIDI/USB keyboard.

I like the CME brand, but I also agree that this particular product isn't quite what I have in mind. Even so, it's true that other companies should follow suit, and should start pushing with more boutique controller keyboards.

The last thing that I want is yet another "professional synthesizer" or "keyboard workstation." It's 2013 -- it is time to stop giving us one more reason to cling to our aging Novation and M-Audio keyboards. It is time to give us what we need so that we can truly control our software, without having to wade through hundreds of pages of crummy "Automap" or "Hyper Control" menus. Give us something solid that feels REAL.


11-Apr-13 05:39 PM

BeReal    Said...

Lol about the sales guy. This was probably the worst product on Messe 2013. Build quality -10

13-Apr-13 10:01 AM

Mark Meador    Said...

Nick-- I get the impression that the CME XKEY (and its features) are for THE PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE. Would I be correct in this assessment? Mark

09-May-13 05:47 PM

Arjan    Said...

I have a CME X-Key on order but I also just ordered the 61 note version of the new poly AT keyboard being developed by Endeavour:

01-Aug-13 01:00 PM

Arjan    Said...

I have a CME X-Key on order but I also just ordered the 61 note version of the new poly AT keyboard being developed by Endeavour:

01-Aug-13 01:01 PM

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