MESSE13: Steven Slate Raven MTi

Smaller format multi-touch screen      11/04/13

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6:10 mins    

We tried to film this at NAMM, but couldn't get close, Steven being in such demand and add to that the full-size Raven MTX - people are just drawn to it. I was particularly interested in the Raven MTX though due to its more affordable price ($3500) and size.

But here at Musik Messe 2013, Steven kindly gave us a piece to camera.





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Mattsynth    Said...

Lots of finger prints on that screen. There is still nothing like a real mixing board.

11-Apr-13 11:06 AM

30 years in.    Said...

Also, Slate is the biggest douche in the industry. Biggest douche in the industry.

11-Apr-13 12:21 PM

Synched6    Said...

To "30 Year in", thank you for saying what I was about to say. He honestly is.

Just not a very nice bloke....if a talentless hack was a meteor, he is a bloody planetary body!

11-Apr-13 02:19 PM

Synched6    Said...

To "30 Year in", thank you for saying what I was about to say. He honestly is.

Just not a very nice bloke....if a talentless hack was a meteor, he is a bloody planetary body!

11-Apr-13 02:20 PM

Karl.T.    Said...

I would not call him the biggest Douche in the industry, since there are a great deal of douches in the industry. Yet I would easily say he qualifies to make the top 10 easily. I have known and worked with him....easily top 10.

11-Apr-13 04:42 PM

Steven Slate    Said...

Thanks Sonicstate for coming by the booth and checking out the RAVEN! Come see us at MESSE today if you are here!

12-Apr-13 01:55 AM

Tinley    Said...

Jesus - well almost Jesus... Even "I" wouldn't be able to do what is essentially a demo of a touch screen monitor with a massive great cardboard cut out of myself looming in the background. I am sure some of the things it does are great but there is a high level of bullshit present. It's over packaged and trying way too hard to be cool. That's always the precursor to disappointment... In a few years this technology will be on everything for 1/10th of the price. For God sake don't ask me about it on the podcast. Maybe I don't get it, but then I never did get why anyone would want to ride faders in micro dB increments... It just ain't punk!

12-Apr-13 05:04 PM

Champ    Said...

The thing is, It shoudn't be sold as a DAW controller alone. It should be sold a touchscreen with features you could add on for recordig studio use. This could be usefull to so much other applications which are already very touch friendly. Now its WAY overpriced and outdated in 3 years time. (you can upgrade the screen but it will cost alot more then simply bying a new touch screen without all the other features most people already have)

13-Apr-13 08:56 AM

Champ    Said...

btw Steven Slate maybe a douche to some of you. At leasts this fucker is making new equipment while the trolls do nothing but commenting on forums. I wonder who's a bigger douche. ;)

13-Apr-13 09:01 AM

Dan    Said...

Douchebag is douchebag.

15-Apr-13 09:33 AM

The Crushmaster    Said...

Your'e all abunch of SwaggaJaggas and Wannabees!!! Slate is the most innovative companybthere is today. you just sit at home with your little cubase shit and comment on different forums like a little Bitch! Go FUCK yourselfs little twats and leave Steven Slate to is BIG guys who really can afford to join him on his quest! Fucking Douchebags

31-Aug-13 01:53 PM

BrVpRof    Said...

Super talented, but is a world reknown asshole. Except for those who work w him. That's why he gets compared to Steve Jobs so much. Needs to dump a good bit of his ego off at the junkyard.

02-Jul-14 11:24 PM

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