Free Russian Folk Wind Instrument For Kontakt

Ilya Efimov Production releases Zhaleika      14/05/13

Free Russian Folk Wind Instrument For Kontakt

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Ilya Efimov Production has released Zhaleika, a new Kontakt instrument. The Zhaleika (also known as bryolka) is a Russian single-reed hornpipe. Ilya Efimov tells us that many consider it to be the most popular Russian folk wind instrument. The zhaleika is a single-tube reed pipe with a horn added to function as a resonator.


  • 111 samples, 50 Mb (NCW Compression), 44,1 Hz 24 bit, stereo
  • Natural legato
  • Differents ornaments
  • Staccato
  • Reverb control
  • Release control

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