Rain Announces Ridiculously Powerful Laptop

LiveBook V features three drives, 32GB of memory,quad-core engine and more      14/05/13
Rain Announces Ridiculously Powerful Laptop

Rain has released the new LiveBook V, which they describe as a true high-performance laptop designed for 3D arts and video editing. Rain CEO, Kevin Jacoby, told us, "You might think that, because of all the power in this beast, we're playing that stupid computer industry game of 'mine is bigger than yours'. But what LiveBook V is really about goes way beyond high performance processing. For us, it's about creating the best tool for the job so artists can just concentrate on being creative."

Here's the full details in Rain's own words...

LiveBook V (the V is for visual) includes some of the most advanced technology available. With an eye toward professional visual production, the balanced component architecture includes the latest Intel Core i7 quad-core processors up to 3GHz (3.9GHz if you count Turbo Boost), room for an astounding 32 gigabytes of 1600MHz dual-channel memory, and a choice of NVIDIA GeForce GTX or Quadro workstation-class graphics. And, since 3D and video projects are as hungry for storage space as they are for bandwidth, LiveBook V ships standard with both a solid state drive (SSD) and a high-speed mechanical hard drive. More storage space can be added via an mSATA SSD for a total of up to 1.5 terabytes.

Also brand new is the 17.3 inch full high defnition (FHD ) display. The wide format and extra screen real estate makes Rain's new mobile powerhouse a feast for the tired and overworked eyes of your average visual artist. And, for those who require more palatial screen real estate, LiveBook V features HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort digital video outputs for connecting a large-format external display.

The mad scientists at Rain make it a point to know their end user better than anyone. It's because of this that no small amount of testing and certification was done with LiveBook V to make absolutely sure it would stand up as the most stable and powerful platform for industry-standard visual production software from video editing titans like Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas to 3D production mainstains like 3ds Max and Maya by Autodesk as well as Adobe After Effects.

LiveBook V is available now from the Rain Custom Shop. The base configuration starts at $2499 with a quad-core processor, 8GB of memory, two drives (one SSD, one HDD) and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670MX graphics processor. Other options include 32GB of memory, NVIDIA Quadro K3000M and K5000M workstation-class graphics accelerators and additional storage via an mSATA solid state drive.

Pricing and Availability:

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Sardines    Said...

I can think of a four letter word that describes the total spec, but id rather use the word "wow"

14-May-13 05:15 PM

nonyabiz    Said...

over priced and under performing Google pro audio laptops

15-May-13 01:26 PM

Bart    Said...

you are joking !!!

just look at hp 8770w

this one is rubish!!

15-May-13 04:35 PM

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