Teenage Engineering OP-1 Gets New OS

New DNA synthesis engine and CWO third party effect      29/05/13

Just in from the Teenagers - they've released a new OS for their OP-1 Synth (see our review).The new release features a brand new synthesis engine called DNA or CPU ID Noise Synthesis - its a noise synth based on the Analog Devices Blackfin processor ID. The accompanying graphics look like a Kaleidoscope.

Also in a first for the Teenagers, they've opened up the OP-1 to a third party - in this case its Sonic Charge - the makers of one of my favourite synths Synplant. The new effect is called CWO  - its a frequency shifting delay - its graphic is of a cow with four stomach compartments which process the audio - weird.

The video is presented by DJ Thomas White, a long-time beta tester for the OP-1.

The new OS can be downloaded here

watch our review

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Peter K.    Said...

Wow, pretty interesting sounds and control. I might have to take a 2nd look at this thing now.

29-May-13 11:06 AM

Mick OS    Said...

How about a review of the OP-1 after updates? The Nitro filter, Finger Sequencers, D Box drum synth, and now the CWO effect and DNA synth... Well, Nick?

31-May-13 10:55 PM

EMwhite    Said...

What is the significance of the animated bovine mammal? Does it have 4 stomachs?

Super impressive, always been a fan of this. As Nick said way back when it was originally introduced, do I need it "nope" do I want it "hell yes" or something like that.

Would have to sell one of my beloved synths in order to afford one and I won't do that but certainly this thing can do like no other 'device' can. Nice to see that they are still working on it. Thanks for the info as always.

03-Jun-13 09:49 AM

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