Rob Papen Plug-ins Go Standalone

RP-Dock is a new Mac- and PC-compatible host application for all current products      30/05/13
Rob Papen Plug-ins Go Standalone

Rob Papen Soundware has announced availability of RP-Dock, a standalone Mac- and PC-compatible host application for all its current products. A PR pesron for Rob Papen had this to say...

"Other than proving popular with an ever-increasing, diversified worldwide user base of music production professionals and amateurs, Rob Papen's growing family of ear-opening virtual instrument and effects plug-ins all have something crucial in common: they cannot run as standalone products, but rather require a host DAW application to function. Or do they?

That was then, this is now. Today, thanks to RP-Dock, any Rob Papen product -- from BLUE to Blade and any effects plug-in in between and beyond -- can be freed from the confines of a DAW host application to run freely... perfect for playing live onstage or in the studio, or simply noodling with synth sounds and effects! The choice is out there for those music production professionals and amateurs alike.

According to George Michael's programmer and co-producer, James Jackman, the multi-million-selling singer-songwriter superstar has been benefitting from Rob Papen's namesake founder's decades-long study of reverb by making much use of the stunning-sounding RP-Verb plug-in on his eagerly-awaited forthcoming album, for instance. Now it's possible for him to use RP-Verb as a standalone reverb when working with a large-format mixing console courtesy of RP-Dock -- software and hardware living in perfect harmony!

But Rob Papen being Rob Papen, there's a whole lot more besides on offer here. In addition to its classic chromatic keyboard, RP-Dock boast several other handy onscreen features, including an audio recording/playback facility with selectable SAMPLE RATE ranging from 44.1 to 96kHz and MIDI INPUT to merge all connected MIDI controllers, plus MIDI CHANNEL selection and TEMPO setting.

Without question, then, RP-Dock is a user-friendly, flexible tool that Rob Papen's ever-increasing, diversified worldwide user base benefits from full stop. But best of all, it's free for all!

Pricing and Availability:

Mac (32-bit) and PC (32- and 64-bit) versions of RP-Dock can be downloaded directly for free from here.

More information:


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