More Tech-Trance Sounds For Sylenth

Equinox Sounds Releases Tech-Trance Machine 2: Sylenth1 Soundbank      06/06/13

More Tech-Trance Sounds For Sylenth

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Equinox Sounds has released Tech-Trance Machine 2: Sylenth1 Soundbank, the sequel to their Tech-Trance soundset for Lennar Digital's Sylenth1 VSTi. They tell us that this second volume includes 185 impressive single sounds for Tech-Trance with a hint of uplifting for the softer hearts.

A spokesperson told us, "Tech-Trance Machine 2: Sylenth1 Soundbank has been programmed by producer Seán Cronin and includes 185 fresh and up-to-date Tech-Trance patches for Lennar Digital's Sylenth1 VSTi. In this soundset you will find deep basses, plucks, powerful leads, dreamy arpeggios, epic synth chords some very lush pads and FX designed to give your Tech-Trance, Euphoric and Uplifting Trance and Progressive Trance productions the edge."


• 50 Leads
• 32 Basses
• 20 Plucks
• 20 Pads
• 26 Chords
• 17 Arps/Gate
• 20 FX

Format: Synth Bank
Content: 185 Sounds

System Requirements:

• This soundset requires Sylenth1 VSTi version 2.2
• Works with PC VST & Mac OS X AU Versions

Pricing and Availability:

Tech-Trance Machine 2: Sylenth1 Soundbank is currently available for $29.95 as a download.

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