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More to come      12/06/13

As a dry run for our forthcoming Live Blog, I'm running a test to see how the tech works for this new feature. I'll try and make it moderately interesting, but the real good stuff is yet to come. We've lined up a string of folks who are either touring, working in the the studio or doing other interesting stuff to document their day and post to Sonic State.

Today, its me, Nick Batt - editor to be the guinea pig (obviously thats not actually me).


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Right, thats it for me. Thanks for following the stream today. I think the tech is pretty much sorted. Next time we'll be following some proper celebs - Steve Stevens and Jordan Rudess up next


Nice glass of Merlot, ready to edit the Audio version of the podcast using Reaper


A bit of store room action


Rode Procaster for my voice


Good old Yamaha DM1000 plus Korg nano Kontrol for MIDI control of just about everything. Zoom H4N for Audio recording of mp3 for podcast


Some Tech for you- The old school Mac Pro 2009, that handles the video switching and stream encoding to the streaming server . Mac Mini captures the MP4 Stream for Youtube upload


Show done, uploading video to YouTube - thank goodness for fibre broadband. Bumper live veiwers today thanks for watching


All set for the.podcast.


Dave Spiers in his new studio looking serious - we just did a test call to see if his bandwidth was okay. Good to know we have at least one guest!

While on the call, this bendable speaker press release came in:

Bendy speaker...

More Information


Researching for todays Sonic TALK (live at 4pm today) I'm beginning to get that irrational desire that Apple products occaisionally bring out in me, for reference, last time was the iPad. (4pm Weds)


Time to start getting set for today’s Sonic TALK show, we’re going to be talking about a fair amount of Apple stuff, so if that sort of thing irks you…

Show will be live from 4pm UK time - with a Live Video Stream and a chatroom.



I'm not sure what I'd use this for but the Zynaptiq UNFILTER looks pretty amazing


Replacement Uad2 satellite quad arrived. Looking forward to getting stuck into the Ocean Way reveiw. Heard great things about it so far


Even though the sun isn't shining today, its lovely and verdant outside the office.


Got to get back to editing the video review we shot for Amped - the Orange
OR-100 is a beast. Its a muscle amp for the serious touring musician. I’m
not looking forward to them coming to pick it up, I’m going to struggle to
get this thing back in the box, it weighs around 25KG.
Should be ready soon, though I must admit, after seeing the new Mac Pro
preview, working on this old Mac 8-core feels sluggish…


Also pleased to see that the unfeasibly large 42" monitor we got from Ebay has not fallen off the stand and crushed the Jupiter 6


Came in to find the lights on, looking pretty tasty. Should be coming soon



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D    Said...

I spend an embarrassing amount of studying the background of your review videos. Always interesting to see which gear ends up sticking around. :)

12-Jun-13 07:18 AM

foo    Said...

[waves back at Nick]

More office pics! Synths! Desk! Your backup vault! (You guys do backups, right?)

12-Jun-13 10:04 AM

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