iZotope Expands Trash 2

Classic Textures Pack released      18/06/13
iZotope Expands Trash 2

iZotope has released Classic Textures, a new expansion pack for Trash 2, their audio mangling plug-in. iZotope saays that, with the power to produce any distortion imaginable, Trash 2 is often known for delivering extreme results. Showcasing the softer side of Trash, Classic Textures is a versatile collection of more subtle presets, well-suited for tracks and instruments of all types. Classic Textures includes over 30 new impulses, from dark vinyl to classroom projectors to crackling fires and 70 new presets to coat your mixes in everything from 80's synth grit to warm wax to earthy, retro moods.

Jack Cote, Product Manager at iZotope, told us, "We designed Trash 2 to be as powerful as possible and as a result, it's very easy to completely mangle any signal put through it. With Classic Textures, we wanted to bring users a gentler approach, designed simply to enhance the audio rather than destroy it."

Classic Textures is the second of two expansion packs for Trash 2, following the extra experimental Edge Expansion. 

Pricing and Availability:
Trash 2 is now available for a special price of $149 (reg.$249/ €195 EUR MSRP) through June 26, 2013.

Trash 2: Classic Textures is available for $29/€25 EUR MSRP.

Upgraders from Trash 1 can log in to their iZotope.com account for special pricing.

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RP    Said...

iZotope do a strange marketing model, for Trash and Stutter Edit they released the products at 50% their normal price. Personally I'd need to spend time with a product before I purchase it so in either case I missed the offer, I then found it impossible to pay the full price. Seems counter advantageous to me.

Anyway, been waiting a long time for Trash to come down in price, it's one of those amazing plugins that can take one sound or loop and make it unrecognizable but way cooler when passed through it. Would defo recommend trying a demo, and my lord, do I sound like an iZotope employee or what but I aint

18-Jun-13 07:41 AM

montychristo86    Said...

I'm glad they updated this plugin. Since I'm a guitar player, it's like having a super-customizable tone stack right at my fingertips.

I know they got amp sounds in the box, but I would love if Izotope released an expansion with straight up metal amp models! I'm talkin' ENGLs, Diamonds, Deizels - the kind you have to lay at least a thousand american dollars for to get! That'd be enough for me to ditch my PODHD and perform on my laptop.

19-Jun-13 12:27 PM

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