Live Blog: A Day In The Life Of Jordan Rudess

Dream Theater keyboard wiz blogs for us      20/06/13
Live Blog: A Day In The Life Of Jordan Rudess

Today we get to hang out with Dream Theater keyboard player Jordan Rudess. As well as taking care of the extreme prog keyboard duties with the band,  Jordan is an extremely accomplished pianist as well as having a great interest/obsession in new technology. He also has a software development company  Wizdom Music working on apps (Sample wiz, Morphwiz, Geosynth, Spacewiz, Tacyon) for iOS, Android and Miccrosoft tablets too.

Armed with his phone, he'll be posting updates throughout the day.

If you stick on this page it will auto refresh with new content as it comes online.

For more information on Jordan and Dream Theater:

Wizdom Music


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Me and Zsa


Me and my kitty before his and my dinner time!




John and i at mastering session with vintage/old 2 track Technics dual capstan reel to reel in the background.


Guths wall of GUITARS!!


At John Guths studio now. Here he is with his Soloway Swan guitar with Warmoth baritone neck tuned B to B


Gassing up to go to mastering!


Just received the Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate package in the mail. YEY!!






Checking in with the wizards hat and modular synth


Time to kick my iphone into gear with a new juice pack


Hangin with Nick


Morning beard prep!


Test post

Even more news...

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Matt    Said...

Watching with interest. Hope we get some info about the new DT album!

20-Jun-13 09:38 AM

RP    Said...

A Day in the life of Jordan Rudess 9:00 Wake 9:05 Endorse product 9:10 Shower 9:15 Endorse shower manufacturer 9:30 Breakfast 9:40 Drop name of 'breakfast of choice' manufacturer in interview 10:00 Prepare product placement photos for Sonicstate Live Blog 10:05 on, see 9:05 etc, etc

20-Jun-13 01:36 PM

Daveinrichmond    Said...

Jordan Miss your Long hair you tube on practicing piano technique

20-Jun-13 08:19 PM

DonJon    Said...

Assuming he could stay awake 24/7 for an entire week, that might might just about be enough time for him to name-check his list of endorsement deals.

21-Jun-13 10:56 AM

Ed-Wan Kenobi    Said...

JR should wear a Hare Krishna braid out the back of his shaved dome while also wearing a clown's Yama Yama suit like Zippy The Pinhead. It would deflect attention away from his bombastic music. He's already got the billy goat/bridge troll goatee, he might as well take it over the top.

21-Jun-13 02:43 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Not sure about this "Blog" thingy on Sonicstate

Nick - suggest you think about abandoning it. Nice try, but it ain't working. Beginning to feel a bit -- "icky", entering the territory of 'heads up our own asses' if you know what I mean?

21-Jun-13 06:59 PM

Nick B    Said...

Synth Fan, I'm not sure I follow you, sure my blog post was perhaps a little self indulgent, but I needed to test the system to ensure it worked. Both the Steve Stevens and Jordan Rudess have proved to be pretty popular, we have some others line up too which I hope will be equally so. If you want to email me privately, so I can better understand your thoughts, I'd appreciate it

23-Jun-13 07:17 AM

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