Podcast:Sonic TALK 319 -Bluetooth Guerrilla

Glastonbury tales, old synths live, no more soundguys, 5 records challenge, BoomBottle      27/06/13

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69:18 mins

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Firstly we riff on the upcoming Glastonbury festival and related tales, then we discuss the transition from using vinatge electronics in the studio to live as inspireed by the Depeche Mode Access focussed stage tour, then the Presonus video shot with Oasis UK and their use of StudioLive 16:4:2 leads to a discussion on wether the sound engineer is a thing of the past, the BoomBottle bluetooth speaker and also the Bristol manufactured MiniRig portable speaker, more creative limitations from Dublab and five $1 records and we play out with our very own Ian Afflec and a track made from sine waves.


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Access Music Marketing    Said...

Shows you what Depeche Mode knows! That's a Virus TI Polar, possibly a TI2 ... but definitely not an Indigo! Access must have been a little peeved...

27-Jun-13 12:31 PM

derelict    Said...

Samples of the SecondHand SureShots MP3's are here: http://www.stonesthrow.com/store/special-edition/various/secondhand-sureshots

Here's the full MP3 of the J Rocc song: http://www.stonesthrow.com/jukebox/jrocc-sechandsureshots.mp3

More info about the project: http://dublab.tv/secondhand-sureshots

27-Jun-13 03:48 PM

Leslie    Said...

Love your podcast, but when can we expect Sonic Touch..? Eagerly expected... ;)

28-Jun-13 04:32 AM

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