Last Few Days Of TC PowerCore Closeout Sale

Save 75% on all PowerCore Plug-ins until July 1st      28/06/13
Last Few Days Of TC PowerCore Closeout Sale

TC Electronic's PowerCore platform has thousands and thousands of active users around the globe even though the company ceased further development of the platform back in 2011.

Now they have decided to close down sales of PowerCore plug-ins, but before doing so, they would like to throw one last offer at you...

Until July 1st, you can buy any PowerCore plug-in for 75% off.

Here are a few examples:

  • VSS3 Reverb: $124 (was$499)
  • NonLin2: $49 (was $199)
  • MD3: $249 (was $999)
  • UnWrap: $274 (was $1099)
  • DVR2: $99 (was $399)
  • Etc...

Please keep in mind that development of the PowerCore platform has been ceased – so do not expect further updates of the system, control panel or plug-ins. If you are in doubt whether a given plug-in will be able to run on your system, simply test it by using the trial period before buying.

Pricing and Availability:

See website

More information:



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BLN    Said...

How about they give them for free, after the disappointing treatment of the users like me with an expensive Powercore 6000... Still very buggy software, almost unusable, you have to pay attention to a lot of things to make it work. TC managed to bring back in my computer the M$ blue screen, I don't remember any other software that does that. And suddenly, they cease to support the platform! Thank you TC!

30-Jun-13 09:35 AM

Rjb    Said...

Got a powercore 6000, latest beta is working perfectly on windows 7 & 8, maybe check your configuration or firewire card?

30-Jun-13 01:09 PM

BLN    Said...

Obviously we have different perceptions of "perfect", and we use it in different way. I can tell you that I tried everything after a long research, on different computers, different firewire ports (I have two on my main PC, one Texas Instruments PCI-X to fw card bought specially for that). I would write it all here but it's a very long story and this is not the support website of TC.

30-Jun-13 04:12 PM

BLN    Said...

Happy users here with the latest beta released last week. Btw, was ever a "non-beta" driver release? Besides alpha?

01-Jul-13 05:01 AM

GS    Said...

Great sale! Got eveything except unwrap My research also led me to originally buy TI chipset FW cards. After trying many, I discovered my motherboard hates TI FW cards and work much better with VIA chipset FW cards. Don't give up; with the new drivers powercore has never been so stable

18-Jul-13 05:01 PM

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