Behringer CMD MICRO DJ Controller Now Available

Ultra-portable DJ MIDI Controller comes with Deckadance software      03/07/13
Behringer CMD MICRO DJ Controller Now Available

Behringer says that the CMD MICRO  offers the ultimate in portability; plus a wealth of features that you might not expect in a compact DJ MIDI Controller. They tell us that, designed from the ground up for DJs by DJs, the CMD MICRO creates the ideal platform for launching flawless sets from virtually any medium -- including PC/Mac computer and iOS device libraries. All controls are strategically and intuitively placed for maximized ease-of-use -- and the full-size faders and dual-zone platters provide a more natural feel than most competing, downsized models. Image Line's Deckadance 2 LE DJ software is included free of charge, providing a complete, professional performance solution.

MUSIC Group DJ Product Manager Craig Reeves told us, "The CMD MICRO was created because we know you don't always want to carry around a ton of gear. The compact size makes it the perfect companion on any outing and the low power circuitry means the MICRO works not only with your computer, but also with tablets like the Apple iPad. It may be small, but the CMD MICRO brings a respectable feature set: dual zone touch-sensitive platters; hotcue buttons; LED illumination, plus 45 mm volume and pitch faders. When combined with an iPad, the CMD MICRO is thequintessential portable DJ solution."

Designed for the DJ who likes to travel light, the BEHRINGER CMD MICRO DJ Controller has everything necessary -- in a tiny USB/battery-powered, computer/tablet-friendly footprint. Features include dual touch-sensitive platters, full-sized 45 mm volume/pitch faders and crossfader, plus USB and MIDI connectivity. At just 15 x 4 x 2" (381 x 102 x 54 mm) and 1.8 lbs. (0.8 kg), the CMD MICRO DJ stows easily in a backpack, with room to spare for media and accessories. Deckadance 2 LE DJ software included.

Pricing and Availability:

The BEHRINGER CMD MICRO DJ Controller is available from authorized retail outlets at an approximate street price of $69.99 USD ($104.99 MSRP)

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