Solar-Powered Headphones

OnBeat Solar Headphones are looking for Kickstarter funding      04/07/13

Solar-Powered Headphones

Any music fan will affirm that being able to listen to tracks on the go is one of life's little pleasures, whether speeding along on a train or strolling home from work. Some might say that a limited battery life on portable devices is the only fly in the ointment. A brand new Kickstarter project has just launched, which will help to solve this problem for music fans once and for all; the campaign to put OnBeat Solar Headphones into production will offer music buffs the chance to listen to tunes all day long whilst charging their smartphone or tablet device on the move.

The solar panel built into the top of the OnBeat Solar Headphones generates enough power to be able to constantly recharge smartphones and tablets whilst they are playing music through the innovative headphones. Whilst out on a long journey, relaxing in the park or commuting to and from work, the headphones can utilise the sun's natural energy and transform it into a charging device that means no more tracks will be cut short.

Frank Anderson, creator of the OnBeat Solar Headphones, says, "We have worked incredibly hard for the last year to develop different models and prototypes of these headphones. Rechargeable batteries and a full solar panel mean that users can keep their devices running all day long. Now, after creating the final prototype, our Kickstarter page has launched, inviting people to pledge money and support for our idea in order to put this great new product into production."

OnBeat says that, as well as being highly convenient for those who extensively use their phones and tablets, the solar-powered headphones are incredibly eco-friendly. Rather than constantly plugging in devices to the nearest wall socket and draining electricity from them, free energy from the sun is converted into power using the device, which will help to reduce emissions and the carbon footprints of all those who invest in them.

The project needs to raise £200,000 and secure 2,500 orders before they can start to manufacture the headphones. Those investing through the Kickstarter page will be able to pledge anywhere from £5, with each pledge level offering a multitude of benefits for investors. Onbeat says that, from shout-outs on the Facebook page to receiving a pair of the headphones when they launch, the exciting rewards for those who choose to pledge encourage everyone to get involve and make this crowdfunded project a reality.

About OnBeat Solar Headphones
With an integrated flexible solar-cell and high-quality headphones that produce crystal clear sound and optimum comfort, the OnBeat Solar Headphones are a dream product for anyone who regularly uses electronic devices on the go. Whether they are gaming on a tablet device or listening to music on their smartphone, users can now generate their own power to keep their devices running for longer, simply by converting solar energy.


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